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The AFC Cup final - Southeast Asia region is likely the 'internal story' of Vietnam

The AFC Cup final - Southeast Asia region is likely the 'internal story' of Vietnam

After Hanoi's away draw of FC in the AFC Cup semi-final semi-finals in Southeast Asia, B.Binh Duong also won when meeting PSM Makassar of Indonesia. This opens the expectation of the regional final that will be the story of two Vietnamese teams.

On the evening of June 19th, on Go Dau stadium, Binh Duong players faced the visitors PSM Makassar of Indonesia in the 2019 AFC Cup semi-finals in Southeast Asia.

Going to the field with a strong lineup with Anh Duc, Le Tan Tai, Trong Huy and a number of "foreign soldiers" such as Wander Luiz, Mansaray, Rabo Ali ... the host players gradually accelerated to surround the visitors' goal. The PSM Makassar side also did not suffer as well because they knew that if they lost the match, they would easily become "spectators" in the final round.

But in the first half of the match, no team scored a goal, as Ho Tan Tai missed the best chance in 43 minutes.

Going to the second half, B. Binh Duong was at a disadvantage from the 50th minute when a player got a second yellow card. Although playing only 10 people but Tien Linh - the substitute player scored the goal for B. Binh Duong in the 80th minute. The goal comes from the extremely accurate pass of Le Tan Tai, the ball reaches the position of Tien Linh and the player jumps to hit the head and launches the visitors' net.

The AFC Cup final - Southeast Asia region is likely the internal story of Vietnam

The rest of the game, the players of coach Nguyen Thanh Son actively reduced the pace of the game to preserve the final score.

With this result, B. Binh Duong can completely confident before the return leg as a guest on PSM Makassar's home game on June 26th.

Previously one day (June 18th), Hanoi FC also drew 1-1 on the club's ground Ceres Negros (Philippines). Remembering the goal on the away field is a great advantage of the Hanoi FC team before the return match on the restaurant of Hang Day stadium.

So fans can expect the AFC Cup final in Southeast Asia will be the competition of two Vietnamese teams.