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The AFC Cup 2019 final between 4.25 SC vs Al Ahed will be played in Shanghai

The AFC Cup 2019 final between 4.25 SC vs Al Ahed will be played in Shanghai

The 2019 AFC Cup final between 4.25 SC vs Al Ahed - originally scheduled to be held in Pyongyang on November 2nd - will now be held in Shanghai.

With the hosts of the AFC Cup final changing each year between the West Asian champion and the inter-zone champion, 4.25 SC- as the inter-regional champion - is the designated host this year.

However, the Asian Football Confederation confirmed on Tuesday that the final will take place in Shanghai, starting at 17:00 local time while the stadium has yet to be confirmed.

“Because of the sanctions currently affecting DPR Korea, the AFC has been asked by its franchisee the challenges of organizing the match in addition to other issues such as match setting and broadcast. Final. This is one of the most anticipated events in the AFC club-level schedule", AFC said a statement on its official website.

“One of the key goals in the AFC's Vision and Mission is to promote football development and promotion as well as ensure the match is spread across the continent and beyond, this is also what has been specified in Article 2 of the AFC Regulations.

“In order to follow our goals, after careful consideration of the difficulties that may affect trade, radio, media, accessibility and logistics arrangements, AFC is forced to transfer the final match to a neutral location.

“Shanghai is the ideal venue for accessibility and the Chinese Football Association has confirmed they are ready to host the AFC final. Both the club and the League members have been informed of the AFC decision. The start time is set at 17:00 local time and the stadium for the final will be confirmed in the nearest time".