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Hanoi FC vs Ceres Negros Preview, Possible Lineups & Predictions

Hanoi FC vs Ceres Negros Preview, Possible Lineups & Predictions

Let us see some predictions of professional experts about Hanoi FC vs Ceres Negros match in semi-final AFC Cup (Southeast Asia zone) 2019.

Hanoi FC vs Ceres Negros

Time: 20h00 (GMT+8) on June 25th

Venue: Hang Day stadium, Hanoi, Vietnam

Competition: Second leg of semi-final AFC Cup (Southeast Asia zone) 2019.

With the ambition to go as far as possible in the continental arena, so despite losing many key players, Hanoi FC is still very determined to crush the Ceres Negros defense - the team has many Filipino players, to advance to the final.

The 1-1 draw on away field is an advantage for Hanoi FC before re-competing Ceres Negros in the second leg of semi-final AFC Cup, Southeast Asia zone at 20h00 (GMT+8) on June 25th.

Although there are advantages in Hang Day stadium, Hanoi FC also faces certain difficulties in terms of force. After defender Tran Dinh Trong left the long-term competition and had to go to Singapore for surgery, the striker Oseni also took a long-term leave, at least until the end of the 2019 season.

Loss of the main cards forced coach Chu Dinh Nghiem to calculate very carefully in terms of human resources because at this time, there is several problems with the Hanoi FC. The pressure to compete continuously will also make the players unable to guarantee 100% performance.

Losing 2 important factors in the attack and defence as well, Hanoi faced a huge challenge in playgrounds.And especially in the continental competition, Hanoi set a high determination to go deep, marking the playing field that they have often fallen over in the knockout stage over the recent years.

Also because of the ambition to fly high in the continental arena, Hanoi FC did not hesitate to recruit striker Omar or goalkeeper Bui Tien Dung to increase the strength and strengthen the force.Experts said that after many years of being "king" in V.League, the Hanoi squad has surpassed the national playground so more than ever before they have to reach far beyond the continent.

Hanoi FC vs Ceres Negros Preview, Possible Lineups & Predictions

This year, Hanoi FC showed a very strong determination to go deep in the AFC Cup, which is evidenced by many times they are willing to leave a number of vital players free in V.League to put strength into the playing field in the continent.In the first leg on the Philippines, the 1-1 draw was considered acceptable to Hanoi, bringing a lot of advantages to the visitors.

However, if they finished better in the end of that match, the return leg will be "much easier".Perhaps the absence of Oseni and Dinh Trong will undermine Hanoi's power, but with the current lineup, they can absolutely dream of winning.Playing on the familiar pitch of Hang Day stadium is a great advantage for Hanoi FC so their tiki-taka style of play will benefit.

After what was shown in the group stage, Ceres Negros certainly did not want to stop in the semi-finals.The Filipino team played relatively comfortably with the long ball phase performed basically by the powerful Schrock's passes.But when their style of play has been revealed, it is likely that this trigger will be controlled carefully by Hanoi FC.

Opponents are not too formidable if we do not want to say that Ceres is "under the engine" compared to Hanoi, so when pushed into that position, they must affirm their strength and show great ambition in the continental playing field.

Probable lineups of Ha Noi FC vs Ceres Negros

Ha Noi FC: Nguyen Van Cong; Doan Van Hau, Do Duy Manh, Nguyen Thanh Chung, Tran Van Kien; Pham Duc Huy; Pham Thanh Luong, Moses Oloya, Nguyen Quang Hai, Pape Omar Faye; Hoang Vu Samson.

Ceres: Müller; Jeffrey Christiaens, Murga, Álvaro Silva, Sean Kane; Tanton; Mike Ott, Bienve Marañón, Stephan Schröck, OJ Porteria; Mahir Karic.

Ha Noi FC vs Ceres Negros score predictions: 2-0