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'Hanoi FC played better than April 25 SC but still eliminated'

'Hanoi FC played better than April 25 SC but still eliminated'

The coach of the Hanoi FC club said his players were better players but could not continue because of bad luck.

On October 2nd, the second leg of the AFC Cup inter-regional final between April 25 and Hanoi Club was held at DPR Korea.

After the unfortunate draw with the score 2-2 in the first leg, the Hanoi players entered the second leg with the spirit of nothing to lose. However, in front of an opponent who was always very strong when playing at home, Van Quyet and his teammates met countless difficulties.

Despite playing counter-defense during the first half, the Vietnamese representative also prospered and had some chances to eat in the second half. Unfortunately, like the first leg, the strikers of Hanoi were not. can once concede the opponent's net.

The result of a 0-0 draw in the second leg caused the Hanoi Club to stop playing the game at 2019 AFC Cup bitterly.

In the press conference after the match, coach Chu Dinh Nghiem could not hide his regret: "We deserve to go because we play better in both matches but football is like that. Hanoi is better but We could not win, we could not blame your team (the action of time-wasting), we were unlucky. After this tournament, Hanoi FC will have more experience in the international playing field and we will be determined next season".

Ending the journey in the AFC Cup, Hanoi players will return to Vietnam to get ready for the remaining matches of the V-League and the National Cup. Besides, Hanoi players such as Nguyen Quang Hai, Do Duy Manh, Do Hung Dung, ... will not have much time to rest when they will soon join forces with Vietnam to prepare for the match with Malaysia in the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier on 10/10.