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Ha Noi FC vs April 25 results & score: Regretful draw of Vietnamese team

Ha Noi FC vs April 25 results & score: Regretful draw of Vietnamese team

Let us see the latest results as well as the score of Ha Noi FC vs April 25 match in the first leg of 2019 AFC Cup Interzone final.

Ha Noi FC vs April 25 results & score: Regretful draw of Vietnamese team

Playing with full of strong players, Hanoi FC easily controlled the game and pressed the visitors. The rhythm of the attacking stars like Quang Hai, Van Quyet and Omar has created constant pressure on the goal of April 25.

But the April 25 visitors are the ones who get the goal first. 20 minutes, From the horizontal line on the left side of Son Phyong-il, the defense of Hanoi had to loose Rim Chol-min, enabling the striker of April 25 to score the match.

Suddenly conceding, the Hanoi club has more reason to push the squad. And the advantage of April 25 lasted only a mere 1 minute. 21 minutes, after a tense situation full of efforts of Kebe, captain Van Quyet was present at the right time to finish close to the balance of the game.

Excited after the equalizer, Hanoi increased the pressure on the opponent's goal. And just 7 minutes later, they got the second goal. From a good combination of central route, Kebe made a smart move to break the offside trap before finishing the exact goal, defeating the opponent goalkeeper An Song-il.

In the middle of the second half, the Hanoi players actively controlled the ball firmly and reduced the tempo of the match. But this plan of Hanoi went bankrupt in the last minutes. In the 87th minute, from the ball lost by Quang Hai and the wrong pass by Van Quyet, the player Kim Ju-song launched a surprisingly long shot from outside the penalty area, beating goalkeeper Bui Tien Dung's effort.

Kim Ju-song's goal also set the 2-2 draw of the match. In order for the opponent to hold back, unfortunately, Hanoi FC will have to enter the second leg in DPR Korea with a great disadvantage.

Starting lineup:

Ha Noi FC: Van Cong Van Kien Duy Manh Thanh Chung Thai Quy Moses Hung Dung Kebe Quang Hai Van Quyet Omar.

April 25 SC: An Tae-Song, Kwon Chung-Hyok, Pak Jin-Myong, An Song Il, Son Phyong-Il, Choe Chol-su, Choe Jong-hyok, O Hyok-chol, Song Won, Rim Chol-min, Kim Yu-Song.

Ha Noi FC vs April 25 match information

Time: 20:00 (GMT+8) on September 25th

Venue: Hang Day Stadium, Hanoi

Competition: First leg of 2019 AFC Cup Interzone final

Hanoi FC is in very good shape. In the last 7 games, they won 6 games and won all 7 matches mentioned above in Asia. In general, they have been unbeaten in 21 consecutive matches in all competitions, including 15 matches and a draw of 6. The last match that the capital representative had to lose was at Thien Truong Stadium of Nam Dinh.

Hang Day Stadium is really a mecca of the 2019 V-League champions. During the 2019 season, the capital team lost only 1 match here, it was the match against Yangon United in the AFC group stage. Cup. The rest, they won 18 and drew 2. Therefore, coach Chu Dinh Nghiem's team is extremely confident when welcoming April 25 at home in the first leg.

Ha Noi FC vs April 25 results & score: Regretful draw of Vietnamese team

April 25's performance is gradually weakening compared to previous seasons. In particular, the overall decline of Korean football is a major factor, in addition to opponents such as Abahani Dhaka or Kitchee may also make it difficult for them this season. In addition, last season, April 25 lost to Altyn Asyr in the Inter-regional semi-finals, the team was defeated by Hanoi in the previous round.

Therefore, this match Hanoi FC is expected to have a victory to take advantage of before the second leg. The capital team has a fast, strong attacking style but does not have a good defense so this match is likely to have many goals.

Team News

- Hanoi FC: Without Dinh Trong (injury), Doan Van Hau went to the Netherlands to play. Pham Duc Huy and Van Dung have minor pain. The rest are in good shape and ready for the match against the North Korean team.

April 25: The strongest squad.

Notable stats:

- Hanoi FC won the V.League 2019 before two rounds and it is time for them to focus all their energy on the AFC Cup 2019.

- Hanoi FC has experienced 18 consecutive unbeaten matches.

- Hanoi FC owns the most national players in V.League and is considered a small Vietnamese national team.

- April 25 topped DPR Korea Premier Football League 2019 with 37 points in just 13 rounds and equal to the score of second-placed team Sobaeksu but played less than opponent 5 matches.

- April 25 also has 13 consecutive games unbeaten in the DPR Korea Premier Football League.

- April 25 is a club belonging to the People's Army of the Republic of Korea with all the players are soldiers. In particular, April 25 has no foreign players but this team owns most of the players who are wearing the Korean national team.

- April 25 has won 18 national championships in history, more than any other DPR Korea club.

Possible Lineups Ha Noi FC vs April 25:

Ha Noi FC: Nguyen Van Cong, Do Duy Manh, Nguyen Thanh Chung, Tran Van Kien, Van Nam, Pham Duc Huy, Nguyen Quang Hai, Nguyen Van Quyet, Moses, Ngan Van Dai, Omar.

April 25: An Tae-Song, Pak Jin-Myong, Kwon Chung-Hyok, O Hyok-Chol, An Il-Bom, Rim Chol-Min, Son Phyong-Il, Won Song, Pak Myong-Song, Ri Hyong Jin, An Song-Il I.