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April 25 vs Ha Noi FC results & score: Unable to score, Hanoi bitterly ended the campaign

April 25 vs Ha Noi FC results & score: Unable to score, Hanoi bitterly ended the campaign

Let us see the latest results as well as the score of April 25 vs Ha Noi FC match in the second leg of 2019 AFC Cup Interzone final.

Despite having their own opportunities, the Hanoi Club did not once concede April 25 and had to accept to stop playing in the AFC Cup.

This afternoon (October 2nd), the second leg of the AFC Cup inter-regional final between April 25 and Hanoi Club was held. At home stadium, April 25 has a very respectable record and promises to be an extremely difficult challenge for the representative of Vietnam.

And as expected, the North Korean team showed a completely different face at home. Contrary to the resignation of the first leg at Hang Day, the April 25 players were confident to deploy the attack from the first minute. With the speed and strength, April 25 forced the Hanoi club to deepen the team and play defensively during the first half. Meanwhile, representatives of Vietnamese football were only waiting for the counter-attacks. In fact, Omar also had opportunities, but the Senegal striker could not finish it correctly.

Entering the second half, Hanoi players boldly attacked to find the goal. With the stars in the upline, Hanoi regained the initiative and began organizing situations to coordinate forte. However, before a disciplined defense of April 25, the strikers of Hanoi hardly get any significant opportunity. The most unfortunate situation is probably the shot from Omar in a quick counterattack when the striker ended the ball to the right position that the DPR Korea goalkeeper had chosen.

The final match ended with 0-0. And with this result, the journey of the Hanoi club in this year's AFC Cup has ended. April 25 will go on and meet Al-Ahed in the final match.

April 25 vs Ha Noi FC match information

Time: 16:00 (GMT+8) on October 2nd

Venue: Yanggakdo Stadium

‎Competition: Second leg of 2019 AFC Cup Interzone final

The first leg of 2019 AFC Cup Interzone final between Hanoi FC vs April 25 took place on Hang Day Stadium on September 25th ended with a 2-2 draw. Therefore, the army of coach Chu Dinh Nghiem was forced to win in the second leg which took place in the capital of DPR North Korea.

April 25 vs Hanoi FC head to head:

Hanoi FC and April 25 only faced each other the first time in the first leg on Hang Day stadium on September 25th, 2019 with a 2-2 draw.

Team News

- Hanoi FC: Without Tran Dinh Trong (injury), Doan Van Hau went to the Netherlands to play. Pham Duc Huy has minor pain. The rest are in good shape and ready for the match against the North Korean team.

April 25: The strongest squad.

Notable stats:

- Hanoi FC won the V.League 2019 before two rounds and it is time for them to focus all their energy on the AFC Cup 2019.

- Hanoi FC has experienced 19 consecutive unbeaten matches.

- Hanoi FC owns the most national players in V.League and is considered a small Vietnamese national team.

- April 25 topped DPR Korea Premier Football League 2019 with 37 points in just 13 rounds and equal to the score of second-placed team Sobaeksu but played less than opponent 5 matches.

- April 25 also has 13 consecutive games unbeaten in the DPR Korea Premier Football League.

- April 25 is a club belonging to the People's Army of the Republic of Korea with all the players are soldiers. In particular, April 25 has no foreign players but this team owns most of the players who are wearing the Korean national team.

- April 25 has won 18 national championships in history, more than any other DPR Korea club.

Possible Lineups April 25 vs Ha Noi FC:

April 25: An Tae-Song, Pak Jin-Myong, Kwon Chung-Hyok, O Hyok-Chol, An Il-Bom, Rim Chol-Min, Son Phyong-Il, Won Song, Pak Myong-Song, Ri Hyong Jin, An Song-Il I.

Ha Noi FC: Nguyen Van Cong, Do Duy Manh, Nguyen Thanh Chung, Tran Van Kien, Thai Quy, Do Hung Dung, Nguyen Quang Hai, Nguyen Van Quyet, Moses, Kebe, Omar.