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Why did Thailand football not attend the AFC Cup?

Why did Thailand football not attend the AFC Cup?

The 2019 AFC Cup war will take place between two Vietnamese clubs: Hanoi FC and Becamex Binh Duong in late of July. And what is the reason why Thailand clubs don't attend the tournament?

The 2019 AFC Cup finals in Southeast Asia has finally identified the two participating teams. The two teams Hanoi FC and Becamex Binh Duong have proved to be more brave than Ceres and PSM Makassar to participate in the regional battle of the king.

However, no matter who wins this match, it does not mean that they will become the strongest team in Southeast Asia. Because Thailand football and Malaysian football clubs did not attend the tournament.

Not like the Europa League format, when teams eliminated in the UEFA Champions League group stage are still allowed to play in the second division, the Asian Football Confederation does not apply that rule. Because Thailand clubs and Malaysian clubs are playing in the AFC Champions League, they are unable to attend the AFC Cup - club level 2 in Asia.

Therefore, on the way to the finals of Southeast Asia, the V-League teams are Hanoi FC and Becamex Binh Duong clubs who do not encounter clubs in Thailand and Malaysia. They don't even have to meet Australia football team - the football background has also become a member of the Southeast Asian football federation.

Not only Thailand, the teams from the top continental soccer platforms such as Japan, Korea, China PRC (East Asia region), Iran, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia (West Asia region), Uzbekistan ( Central Asia region), ... also only attended a single league at the club level is the AFC Champions League. Most of them give up the AFC Cup playground for weaker football platforms like Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Lebanon or Jordan...