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Vietnam overcame Australia the first time in futsal

Vietnam overcame Australia the first time in futsal

Playing competitively and dominantly in the 40 minutes of the match, Vietnam Futsal had a convincing victory against Australia in the opening match of Futsal Southeast Asia 2019.

Final score: Vietnam Futsal vs Australia Futsal (FT: 2-0)

Competitive and dominant in the 40 minutes of the match, Vietnam Futsal had a convincing victory against Australia in the opening match of Futsal Southeast Asia 2019.

With the advantage of the home field, with the cheers of thousands of spectators at Phu Tho Stadium, the Vietnamese players entered the match very confidently and excitedly. The match took place at a very high speed, the two teams competed for tit for tat with many opportunities to be created.

Vietnam is an active team and holds more balls. Numerous opportunities are created towards Australia's goal. Only in the first half, the Vietnamese players have launched more than 10 finishes on the Australian goal.

Most regrettably chance was Chau Doan Phat's crossbar shot in the 12th minute. Along with that, the ball near the wall failed to beat Minh Tri's Australian goalkeeper, after a wonderful second column pass from the team. The first half ended with a 0-0 draw, which is an unfortunate result for Vietnam after what has shown.

The second half match took place with the same scenario as the first half. The two teams pushed the speed of the game right in the first minutes. Vietnam was the first chance team when Van Vu faced the Australian goalkeeper. Unfortunately, in the final phase, the captain of Vietnam Futsal missed the ball.

Minutes later, Vietnam is still a competitive team, more proactive. And then what came must have come. In the 28th minute, after a situation of coordinating a free-kick, Manh Dung unleashed a powerful shot to score the opening goal for Vietnam. This is a worthy achievement after the pressure of the red shirt team on the Australian goal.

After the goal, Australia raised their squad to find a goal. The yellow-shirt team constantly launched shots on the Vietnamese team's goal, but could not beat the excellence of goalkeeper Van Y.

Attacking many failed to score goals, Australian players paid the price. In a counterattack, the No. 9 player of Australia made a mistake with Ton That Phi, helping Vietnam to receive a 10m free kick (Australia has committed more than 5 errors). On the free-kick, Nguyen Minh Tri easily defeated the Australian goalkeeper to make it 2-0 in the 37th minute.

The few remaining minutes of the game could not help Australia to equalize, thereby receiving the first defeat at the 2019 AFF Futsal. With this victory, Vietnam Futsal reached the top of Group B with 3 points and goal difference +2.

Vietnam Futsal vs Australia Futsal match information

Time: 20:00 (GMT+8) on October 21st

Venue: Phu Tho Stadium, Ho Chi Minh City

Competition: 2019 AFF Futsal Championship

The Futsal HDBank Championship AFF 2019 officially starts on the morning of October 21st, 2019 at Phu Tho Stadium (Ho Chi Minh City) with the determination of all 8 teams participating. The focal match on the opening day is the match between Vietnam Futsal vs Australia Futsal.

This is a difficult match for the home team Vietnam, but with the recent progress, Vietnam Futsal can completely surprise the fans. Coach Miguel Rodrigo of Futsal Vietnam said: “This is a difficult group, rivals like Indonesia, Malaysia or Australia are strong but I hope Vietnam will get 9 absolute points, then go to play the final match.

We have 3 weeks of preparation, including 1 training session in Thailand with 2 friendly matches. Up to now, we are ready for the tournament".

Meanwhile, coach Robert Valera of Australia Futsal is also confident in the opportunity of the Kangaroo team, even though they have not participated in any international tournament for the past two years. "We are very happy to be back in Southeast Asia. We had about 4 weeks to prepare, when we came here we also had a friendly match with a Vietnamese club to assemble the squad.

Vietnam has an advantage at home, has a good coach and has been successful with the team. As for Australia, in this tournament, we have many young players who play for the first time and have less experience. Meeting Vietnam is very difficult, but we will show the best. Hope Australia can win points in this match".

The confrontation between Futsal Vietnam vs Futsal Australia will take place at 20:00 (GMT+8) on October 21st.