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Defeating Australia, Indonesia put enormous pressure on Vietnam

Defeating Australia, Indonesia put enormous pressure on Vietnam

With a strong 8-3 victory over Australia, Indonesia reached the top of the table and put tremendous pressure on Vietnam before entering the match against Malaysia.

Given the importance of this match, the two teams played very cautiously and very firmly. In such a position, surprise has come from a fixed situation. 4 minutes, from a situation kicks in, Indonesia beautifully coordinated to score the opening match. The scorer is the player with the number 4.

After the goal, the Australian players rushed to attack to find the equalizer. They create a lot of opportunities for the goal of Indonesia. After tireless efforts, they finally managed to equalize in the 14th minute thanks to the 3rd player - Basger.

In the remaining minutes of the first half, the two teams continued to have tit-for-tat situations with many definite chances created. And this time, Indonesia is the better team. In a quick counterattack after 16 minutes, the number 10 player - Andri cushioned the ball to increase the lead to 2-1 for the team of thousands of islands. The first half ended with a score of 2-1 in favor of Indonesia.

The second half took place with a very unexpected scenario. Indonesia proactively dominated the game in the first minutes to look for goals to increase the gap. They soon achieved results with 2 consecutive goals in the 25th and 26th minutes of the match.

After two goals conceded, the yellow team immediately attacked. They put tremendous pressure on Indonesia's goal. As a result, Australia got 2 goals thanks to the players of the No. 4 and No. 10 players.

But the joy was short-lived, the efforts of Australian players poured into the river almost immediately. Only 1 minute after shortening the score to 4-3, Indonesia continuously recorded 2 goals to increase the score to 6-3.

The remaining few minutes played can not help Australia turn the match. They even let Indonesia score 2 more goals in the last minutes when accepting to play Power Play. The final result Indonesia won with the score 8-3.

With this result, Indonesia temporarily reached the top position with 7 points and the difference was +6. Australia has almost certainly been eliminated from this tournament.

Indonesia Futsal vs Australia Futsal match information

Time: 17:30 (GMT+8) on October 23rd

Venue: Phu Tho Indoor Stadium, Ho Chi Minh City

Competition: 2019 AFF Futsal Championship

Australia Futsal is required to win against Futsal Indonesia if this team wants to win tickets to the semi-finals of the 2019 AFF Futsal Championship.

After the first 2 rounds, Indonesia is currently ranked 2nd with 4 points. They had a dramatic 3-2 victory over Malaysia in the first round and latest the draw against host Vietnam.

Entering the match with Australia, the futsal team of Indonesia needs only one draw to have the right to go through. However, Indonesia's objective will surely be a victory to compete for the top position with Vietnam, thereby avoiding Thailand in the next round.

Meanwhile, Australia Futsal lost in the opening match against Vietnam with a score of 0-2. Soon after, they regained their form and showed their class with a 6-4 victory over Malaysia. Australia's aim in the next match is nothing more than a victory to enter the semi-finals of the 2019 AFF Futsal Championship. If Australia plays well, it will not be difficult for Robert Olivera's team to achieve this goal.