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Max Verstappen: '22 F1 races in a year is too much '

Max Verstappen: '22 F1 races in a year is too much '

Red Bull Max Verstappen racer criticized F1 organizers' decision to increase the number of races in 2020.

"I disagree with organizing 22 races in a year. I think we should choose the best stages. I understand they want to make money but they need to think for the engineering team, who must be there. race track", Max Verstappen said October 4th.

The year 2020 marks F1 reaching the most number of races in a season. With the addition of the Vietnam Grand Prix and the Dutch Grand Prix, while leaving the German Grand Prix, F1 2020 will have 22 races, an increase of one compared to 2019.

"Engineers, they have to go to the track from Monday or Tuesday to set everything up. While the bosses only come on Saturdays, even Saturday mornings and fly back when the race is still in progress. boss, they have no problems and can increase the number of stages to 30, because they only have to attend the three-day event", Verstappen said.

"For most other people, that number is at least 5 or 6 days. I don't complain to riders like me. The problem lies with the engineers. They can apply for a resignation immediately if they have one additional race", the Dutchman continued.

Racing Point team driver Sergio Perez also shared this view with Verstappen. He said: "There are so many things. I'm not just talking about the racers. We love racing, even though there are so many commitments. We don't just have to attend races. We have to simulate racing. , attend promotional events, and have to stay physically fit and so on. That is too much, beyond our physical limits".

"But the hard work is still for the engineers. They have to be here from Monday and leave around the next Tuesday. So I think the members of the racing teams are working hard," he continued.

Perez thinks a denser schedule will make it difficult for him, a married man and child, to have a hard time. "I will see if my family has broken up with me. We started when the season had 19 races. That was a lot. As I said, I think about the workload that the riders have to carry. But "In some races in Europe, we can arrive on Thursday morning. I am more worried about the engineers. I think they are the ones who have to worry", he said.