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Zak Brown: 'Mercedes engine doesn't help McLaren win the championship'

Zak Brown: 'Mercedes engine doesn't help McLaren win the championship'

McLaren team leader Zak Brown said that breaking up Renault to cooperate with Mercedes did not help the home team to strengthen too much.

McLaren has the best season since 2014 - the last time they used a Mercedes engine. This team is fourth in this season. Their two drivers, Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris, ranked seventh and ninth respectively. In 2021, McLaren decided to end the agreement with its current engine supplier, Renault, to cooperate with Mercedes.

Asked whether changing the engine supplier could help McLaren win again, Brown said: "It takes more time. But I think the engine is not the problem that is pulling us back on the track now. It is us, I don't think we're ready for victory, it's just a step now. We have had a good year and we just want to keep going forward. small improvements are important. But I don't think it's so easy that just putting another motivation into it can bring us back to the top. We have a lot of work to do".

There are three teams using Mercedes engines this season: Williams, Racing Point and Mercedes, while Renault and McLaren use Renault engines. In recent years, Renault and McLaren have competed fiercely in the middle of the rankings, and McLaren has shown that they have made better developments than their engine supplier.

"Our chassis is quite good but I don't think it's as good as the three teams above, this is clear. We know it has some weaknesses on the track", Zak Brown said. "If you look at Mercedes before they dominated, they won a victory to create momentum. We now try to create a push for ourselves."