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Lewis Hamilton won the 2019 Russian Grand Prix thanks to Sebastian Vettel's error

Lewis Hamilton won the 2019 Russian Grand Prix thanks to Sebastian Vettel's error

Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton took advantage of Sebastian Vettel's engine error, to finish first on the Sochi racetrack on September 29th.

Lewis Hamilton reached 1 hour 33 minutes 38,992 seconds, bringing Mercedes' sixth consecutive victory in Sochi. They also won all eight times when the Russian GP was held. With Valtteri Bottas in second place, Mercedes has the eighth place to occupy the top two spots this season.

Charles Leclerc won the pole (P1) on September 28 but finished third. The next two positions belong to Red Bull - Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon. This was a success for the Austrian team when Verstappen started at P9, while Albon had to start racing from the pit.

The title "Best racer" belongs to Vettel, although he had to give up in round 26. The 32-year-old Ferrari driver started P3 but overcame Hamilton and Leclerc to climb the lead thanks to his team mole. The two Ferrari drivers took turns leading until Leclerc and Vettel entered the pit in rounds 22 and 25. After that, the kinetic energy recovery unit (MGU-K) on the V6 Vettel engine suddenly stopped working. German riders have to stop on the track and give up. "Bring back the V12 engine", Vettel said, almost crying and swearing.

A yellow light is on causing the racer to slow down. This is double fun for Mercedes. They eliminated Vettel from the ring, while Hamilton and Bottas were able to enter the pit without spending as much time as the previous Ferrari drivers. They left the pit and still stood on Leclerc. After the race continued, the situation seemed to decline when Bottas continuously defended P2, not allowing Leclerc to overcome. And Hamilton alone a horse finish, scoring ninth victory this season.

Mercedes was underestimated Ferrari before the main race in Sochi. They are slower than their opponents in the qualifying round. Hamilton and Bottas also come with regular tires, slower than soft tires of Vettel and Leclerc. Ferrari suggested that Leclerc be defenseless and let Vettel pass at Turn 2. In the following rounds, Ferrari repeatedly reminded Vettel to give P1 to Leclerc. But Vettel kept getting the fastest lap and Leclerc didn't keep up.

In the 22nd round, Leclerc changed into regular tire pit. With the power of new tires, the Monaco driver reached three fastest-lap and shortened the distance with Sebastian Vettel. In round 25, Vettel just got into the pit. He took three seconds to change the tire, then Leclerc overcame when leaving the pit. This is considered a proposal of Ferrari to Leclerc stand on Vettel.

With standard tires, two Ferrari drivers can head straight to the finish line, while Hamilton and Bottas are still not in the pit. They can only be overtaken in case a safe vehicle appears, helping Hamilton and Bottas not spend a lot of time in the pit. This does not happen in Singapore but appears in Sochi. Few thought the race had to halt because of Vettel's car. The moment Vettel's kinetic energy collectors cease to function, victory is guaranteed for the Mercedes couple. The accident of George Russell in round 27 strengthened the victory for the British racing team.

Ferrari's last chance was with Leclerc, when the 21-year-old rider entered a pit to change soft tires. But, he could not take advantage of the tire to surpass Bottas for the rest. In the final rounds, Hamilton created the fastest-lap to reach a maximum of 26 points.

After three strong racing teams, McLaren impresses most with P6 (Carlos Sainz) and P8 (Lando Norris). This is the sixth time Spanish Sainz has entered the top six this season.

The next race will take place in Suzuka, Japan on October 13th.