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F1 races welcome a brand new Japanese driver

F1 races welcome a brand new Japanese driver

Naoki Yamamoto will replace Pierre Gasly's position with Toro Rosso in the first test run on October 11th.

Naoki Yamamoto 31-year-old famous racer in his hometown. Therefore, Toro Rosso gave him the opportunity to show in front of fans when F1 went to Suzuka racetrack to hold the Japan Grand Prix stage this weekend.

Yamamoto won the Super Formula twice in Japan. He also was crowned Super GT with his teammate Jenson Button. Button, the 2009 F1 champion, once said that Yamamoto deserves a chance to race in F1. Yamamoto's trial run this weekend was due to the impact of Honda - the engine supplier of Red Bull and Toro Rosso. Honda accompanied Yamamoto when he succeeded in Super Formula and Super GT.

"We are happy that Japanese fans will have a chance to see Yamamoto, a Japanese driver supported by Honda, driving an F1 car at our Suzuka racecourse this weekend," said the brand manager and Honda Katsuhide Moriyama's media said.

"I thank Toro Rosso and Red Bull for giving Yamamoto this opportunity. We hope Naoki will make the best use of this opportunity. He will learn many things that are useful for his racing career. I also hope that seeing Yamamoto on the track will inspire young riders in Japan. So, in the future, we will see a Japanese driver at F1, "he continued.

The latest Japanese driver to ever race at F1 is Kamui Kobayashi - who wore the Caterham racing team in the 2014 season.