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'2019 Russian Grand Prix is ​​a big step for Mercedes to continue winning the championship'

'2019 Russian Grand Prix is ​​a big step for Mercedes to continue winning the championship'

Mercedes Toto Wolff said the home team could think of the sixth F1 championship after the race in Russia last weekend.

"The meaning of this race makes the victory special. It's unbelievable. We had doubts about our tactics at times, we knew where our shortcomings were and we had to hope that the safety car would appear lately. Eventually, it happened. The whole team seemed to burst into joy", said Toto Wolff.

Lewis Hamilton's fourth successive victory in Russian Grand Prix was contributed by the "free" pit, which took place after the virtual safety car appeared due to Sebastian Vettel giving up in round 26. Take advantage of the tire set recently, Hamilton overtook Charles Leclerc to help Mercedes stop Ferrari's three successive victories.

"I think this is a big step towards the championship. The fact that it has never happened before. The unpredictable things always exist and so we really have to work for each week. We need to regain the true speed at Suzuka racetrack. It's a great race and we are always very strong there. We need to find answers to our questions and be stronger", Wolff said.

The victory in Russia GP helped Lewis Hamilton widen the gap with teammate Valtteri Bottas to 73 points and 107 points higher than Charles Leclerc. Mercedes also increased the gap with Ferrari to 162 points when the season was 5 more steps away.

Vettel said that GP Russia is the first stage that Ferrari feels can compete with Mercedes fairly this season. When asked about this statement, Wolff said: "That comment may be true. In general, they did better in the past week and we faced big tasks. We need to revise the pace. "We also need to review our tire knowledge to find the speed on the track".