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Charles Leclerc was fined twice in Suzuka

Charles Leclerc was fined twice in Suzuka

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc was fined a total of 15 seconds and fell one step, for two errors in the Japanese F1 race on October 13th.

Charles Leclerc is penalized for five seconds for crashing into Max Verstappen (Red Bull) after starting, and 10 seconds for continuing to race without going into the pit to replace broken parts. The penalty caused the Monaco driver to fall from Friday to Saturday, after Daniel Ricciardo (Renault).

"Ferrari did not ask Leclerc to return to the pit at the end of the first round. After that, they continued to disregard the supervisors when letting Leclerc race another round without guaranteeing safety. Ferrari caused unsafe on the track and had the risk of creating an accident linked to the accident", notices from paragraph monitors.

Leclerc crashes into Verstappen at Turn 2, after starting. The collision caused the Red Bull racer to fall to the bottom and then give up. The Leclerc SF90 had a broken front panel that left the wind on the left. Leclerc continued racing and made part of this part crashed, flying into the right-hand mirror of Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes).

Another part also flew into the front brake disc of Lando Norris (McLaren). In the third round, Leclerc new pit. Because the brake disc was affected, Norris also had to enter the pit early in the fourth round.

"The car was damaged but Leclerc still felt fine. He kept his speed and kept racing. After the FIA ​​made a request, we got him into the pit immediately. After that, they fined us for not putting him in the pit earlier", Ferrari team leader Mattia Binotto said.

The loss of rearview mirror does not make Hamilton into the pit early. But, he only finished third after Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) and Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari).