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Red Bull confirms that Fernando Alonso wants to return to F1

Red Bull confirms that Fernando Alonso wants to return to F1

The German team revealed Fernando Alonso - the world champion in 2005 and 2006 to return in the following season.

"Alonso's representative told us he is ready to return. But for Honda, Alonso is something impossible", Red Bull Helmut Marko counselor told Motoport.

Fernando Alonso will almost not return to McLaren after what happened last season, when he was disappointed with the lack of competition of Honda engines. Red Bull cooperates with Honda from the 2019 season, and it will be a barrier to prevent Alonso from joining the team.

Alonso is following the case of Sebastian Vettel, and is ready to replace if the German driver leaves Ferrari.

Alonso's opening speech with Red Bull was seen as an unexpected move because last year the Spanish racer and Red Bull Christian Horner team each attacked each other.

Alonso revealed Red Bull suggested he replace Daniel Ricciardo after the Australian driver left. "I said no to many offers, including Red Bull's proposal. Because I think their project is not capable of winning. At that time, my goal was no longer for F1. I made the decision two months ago and was happy to do so", Alonso said.

Previously, Horner had triggered the battle screen when claiming Alonso would not match the way Red Bull works. The 37-year-old racer denied this: "I'm disappointed with his comments in the summer about my personality and my way of doing things. He never worked with me and I don't think anyone who has experienced it has any problems".

"Renault and McLaren have called me back. It was ridiculous to read those reviews from someone who had never worked with me, but many times tried to persuade me to give him the military", Alonso continued.