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Max Verstappen said that Lewis Hamilton succeeded just by 'playing for Mercedes'

Max Verstappen said that Lewis Hamilton succeeded just by 'playing for Mercedes'

Speaking after the 2019 Hungarian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen believes many riders who can achieve five-time world championships like Lewis Hamilton, if played for Mercedes.

Considered as a capable driver to overturn Lewis Hamilton in this year's F1 season, Max Verstappen believes he is one of the 3-4 players who are able to achieve success as English superstars if finding the right team. The 21-year-old Dutch driver is now a rare competitor to Mercedes members.

At the 2019 Hungarian Grand Prix, Verstappen stated: "There are a lot of good drivers capable of winning the world five times. I admire the feat that Lewis has achieved. But (to achieve that) you need to have luckily, I need to overcome my teammates, and if the team wins for a long time, glory will soon come to me, Fernando Alonso can win the world 8-9 times if he chooses the right team , because he is an outstanding driver, at F1 today, there are at least 3-4 such big racers".

Red Bull's main racer refuses to specify the names of those who match Hamilton, but it is possible to predict that two of them are himself and Sebastian Vettel four times world champion.

There is a big problem here, according to Verstappen, which team is right for you, so you are as lucky as Lewis? Both are excellent drivers and have suggestions for them to race for Mercedes. However, that dream certainly cannot be realized next year, because Verstappen has a 12-month contract with Red Bull. So he is waiting until 2021 to decide.

"Having won many titles for Red Bull is my goal and I believe it can be done. It is like a family. But who knows what happens in 2021? I still have no answers for that moment" - Max Verstappen announced.