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Lewis Hamilton: 'I'm at the peak of my career'

Lewis Hamilton: 'I'm at the peak of my career'

The 34-year-old racer Lewis Hamilton countered criticism of former teammate Nico Rosberg, claiming he was too old to race F1.

"I'm 34 years old and I'm in the highest form of my career," Motorsport quoted Hamilton on August 8th. "I still keep the pace. If I don't get good results in the qualifying round, I won't flinch and will focus on the main race. If the main round is the same nightmare as in the German Grand Prix, I won't either. preoccupied because we cannot change the past, I am always proud of myself anyway, for trying hard in every situation.

Hamilton's remarks aimed at Rosberg's share on personal YouTube accounts. The 2016 champion Max Verstappen commented that he is more talented than Hamilton. He also confirmed the peak age of F1 racer is 30 to 32.

But Lewis Hamilton did not care about Rosberg's statements. "I recently read an interesting book, titled 'Four agreements'. It shows that when someone comments on you, they don't care about you, but just think about their feelings", Mercedes' main driver added.

"I watch a lot of sports and see many athletes I support have ended their careers and other turns. In F1, of course I am considered a veteran, but I have a different feeling compared to 22-year-old racers. I don't understand why people have to retire at the age of need to retire. I love racing and don't like to practice, I'm willing to race on the weekends, but my passion is to play and chase".

"There are times when I have to stop challenging. There will be times when I have to stop, but now I am physically and mentally healthy. There are still many things to do, many peaks need to conquer with me", Hamilton stressed.

Hamilton and Rosberg were good friends since childhood, but their relationship was cracked since 2014, when they both competed for Mercedes. The desire to win makes them often stop each other to glory. After coming to the throne in 2016, Rosberg retired and Hamilton continued to conquer the speed record of the village racing speed.