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2019 Hungarian Grand Prix: Max Verstappen first won the pole in his career

2019 Hungarian Grand Prix: Max Verstappen first won the pole in his career

The 21-year-old racer Max Verstappen was the fastest in the Hungarian Grand Prix with 1 minute 14,572 seconds, on August 3rd.

Max Verstappen and Valtteri Bottas compete for a percentage of seconds in the last leg of Q3. The engine of the W10 did not explode during the first test (FP1) on August 2, leaving Bottas out. But that did not affect much on the performance of Finnish riders. He only succumbed to Verstappen 0.018 seconds in the qualifying round and will start in second place in the main race.

"It's great, guys. This feeling is too much," Verstappen told the radio with Red Bull racing team when the third qualifying round (Q3) closed. This is the first time the Dutch driver has won the qualifying round, since joining F1 in 2015. He also became the 100th driver to win the pole in the history of speed racing. Pole of Red Bull driver also showed that Honda engine really became counterweight to Mercedes and Ferrari.

"Verstappen has exploded today. His last lap was excellent. I was pleased to see Verstappen taking the pole. I also congratulated Honda on the first pole," said Red Bull, Christian Horner.

Mercedes-Lewis Hamilton's remaining driver - ranked third in the qualifying round, when he did not perform well in the first area (sector 1). Despite efforts to accelerate in the remaining two areas, Hamilton still lost 0.197 seconds to Verstappen. "Mercedes is still having a good chance of winning the main race. I am always interested in having to chase," the defending champion said.

Disappointing were Ferrari's two drivers, when they took fourth and fifth positions. Charles Leclerc was 0.028 seconds faster than Sebastian Vettel, but also less than Verstappen by 0.471 seconds. Verstappen's partner - Pierre Gasly - finished sixth with 1 minute 15,450 seconds.

Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz helped McLaren have a successful day of competition, taking seventh and eighth respectively. The remaining two positions in the top 10 belong to Romain Grosjean (Haas) and Kimi Raikkonen (Alfa Romeo) respectively.

The Hungarian GP grading round is forecasted to have 60% rain, but it is actually dry. This makes the race not much surprise. Hamilton was the fastest in the final test race (FP3) before entering Q1. Fans expect an attractive qualifying round when Vettel, Verstappen and Hamilton are the fastest in the sector one, two and three, respectively.

Verstappen became the first rider to reach less than 1 minute 16 seconds in Q1, with a one minute 15,817 second achievement. Leclerc is the second fastest, but his SF90 is rotated at the bottom corner and defeats the rear spoiler and radiator. Ferrari only takes a few minutes to repair the car so that Leclerc can start in Q2.

Three strong teams - Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull - all use medium tires in Q2. But, they didn't have much trouble keeping the top positions, except Gasly. The French driver must be seventh, behind Norris. The fastest Q2 is Hamilton, Verstappen and Bottas respectively.

The main race of the 2019 Hungarian Grand Prix will take place at 21h10 on 4/8 (GMT + 8).