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Sebastian Vettel reveals the secret of climbing 18 levels in the 2019 German Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel reveals the secret of climbing 18 levels in the 2019 German Grand Prix

With good tactics, the German racer Sebastian Vettel went from position 20 to No. 2 at the Hockenheim racetrack German Grand Prix on July 28th.

"At first I thought the SF90 had problems with the turbocharger", Sebastian Vettel told Sky Sports. "But then I thought the problem was in the middle tire. I was not used to controlling their grip at first. But I became more confident and did not make mistakes during the race. won the Max Verstappen stage because he played better".

Last weekend took place in two extremes opposite Vettel. Ferrari riders encountered errors in the turbocharger and could not attend the qualifying round on July 27th. He had to start in last place in the main race yesterday. Vettel was confident with the decision to change the tire.

"Before the last safety car left the race in round 59, I realized the SF90 was faster than the rivals. Everyone seemed to be too cautious when entering Turn 1, so I ventured to speed up and surpass the area. The DRS-damping system works well, making it easier for me to improve my position, but I feel that the race is too long", Vettel added.

On the day of the accident, 75% of the racers, Vettel moved every step without the best speed. By the 52nd round, Vettel reached the fastest-lap at that time and rose to seventh. Before the last six rounds, he rose to fifth, then crossed Carlos Sainz (McLaren), Lance Stroll (Racing Point) and Daniil Kvyat (Toro Rosso) to rise to second. Each time overtaking rivals, Vettel was enthusiastically responded by Hockenheim audiences.

Vettel stands for the fifth time on the podium this season. He added 18 points to reach 141 points, but still ranked fourth after Lewis Hamilton (225 points), Valtteri Bottas (184) and Verstappen (162).

The next race takes place in Hungary on August 4th.