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2019 German Grand Prix qualifier: Lewis Hamilton occupied the pole while Ferrari failed

2019 German Grand Prix qualifier: Lewis Hamilton occupied the pole while Ferrari failed

The German 2019 Grand Prix qualifier is expected to be easy for Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes. In contrast to Ferrari, this is probably a disaster.

The 2019 German Grand Prix qualifier is once again the story of two poles: Positive for Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes, negative for Ferrari for anyone involved in this F1 racing team. The hot atmosphere in Germany obviously didn't affect Hamilton as he was worried. In contrast, the Ferrari team was "locked up" in the garage!

"Ferrari is sick. They need to be cured." Toto Wolff - Hamilton's boss was forced to speak up to ask the opponent to perform better. "Their current expression is embarrassing. We need them to help the tournament stronger."

Sebastian Vettel is the first tragedy of Ferrari. Ferrari's main driver will have to start at the official race day at the German Grand Prix 2019. The reason is that he feels the motive seems to be unstable, thanks to the turbo test technical team. Despite all the efforts of the mechanics, the German driver left the car and accepted the worst performance among those who were eliminated in the first round.

Charles Leclerc passed 2 qualifiers, but in the final round the same fate. The most "silk" driver this week had to leave the car in helplessness due to a faulty gas system. He was ranked 10th in the qualifiers and with this position, it was too difficult for the Monaco boy to climb the podium.

2019 German Grand Prix qualifier: Lewis Hamilton occupied the pole while Ferrari failed

So since 2007 when Kimi Raikkonen is still present, Ferrari has not yet introduced any driver who is capable of winning the world championship. The pain is getting bigger when the German Grand Prix celebrates the legendary gratitude Michael Schumacher - who brought a series of final world championships to Ferrari. This is difficult to accept if the budget that Ferrari spends on the annual racing team is nearly 400 million pounds (over 11 trillion dong)!

The atmosphere in the current Ferrari is really stifling. When interviewed, Sebastian Vettel only briefly said "I feel so bitter" when eyes like Louis Camilleri made the executive director of Ferrari corporation not know whether to laugh or cry.

Standing on the podium is still the usual faces in the past. Number 1 is Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas number 3 is all Mercedes. Between them is Max Verstappen of Red Bull. This is the 87th time Lewis Hamilton occupied the pole.

Results of the F1 race of the German Grand Prix 2019

1 Hamilton (England) Mercedes 1: 11,767

2 Verstappen (Netherlands) Red Bull 1: 12.113

3 Bottas (Finland) Mercedes 1: 12.129

4 Gasly (France) Red Bull 1: 12,180

5 Raikkonen (Finland) Alfa Romeo 1: 12.538

6 Grosjean (France) Haas 1: 12851

7 Sainz (Spain) McLaren 1: 12,897

8 Perez (Mexico) Racing Point 1: 13.065

9 Hulkenberg (Germany) Renault 1: 13.126

10 Leclerc (Monoca) Ferrari No timings

Disqualified in round 2

11 Giovinazzi (Italy) Alfa Romeo 1: 12,786

12 Magnussen (Denmark) Haas 1: 12,789

13 Ricciardo (Australia) Renault 1: 12,799

14 Kvyat (Russia) Toro Rosso 1: 13,135

15 Stroll (Canada) Racing Point 1: 13.450

Disqualified in round 1

16 Norris (England) McLaren 1: 13.333

17 Albon (Thailand) Toro Rosso 1: 13,461

18 Russell (England) Williams 1: 14,721

19 Kubica (Poland) Williams 1: 14,839

20 Vettel (Germany) Ferrari No timings