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2019 British Grand Prix results: Lewis Hamilton broke the record at home

2019 British Grand Prix results: Lewis Hamilton broke the record at home

The Mercedes star Lewis Hamilton became the most successful rider on the Silverstone track after a convincing victory at the British Grand Prix on July 14th.

Completed 52 laps on home turf with a time of 1 hour and 21 minutes 8.452 seconds, Lewis Hamilton was the sixth in Silverstone. He thus surpassed the legendary Jim Clark to lead the leaderboard of the winners of the British Grand Prix.

This result is in the data of experts. Mercedes's other driver is Valtteri Bottas, after a few rounds of equal competition, losing his form when the race floats to the end. Ferrari and Red Bull riders are still not strong enough or stable to compete with the two W10s. However, the path to Hamilton's victory at Silvestone yesterday was arduous, not as simple as anticipated before the race.

Thanks to the safety car, Hamilton had a chance to make the first place in a race that teammate Bottas tried hard to. In the following group, the hottest point is the fierce competition between four cars of Ferrari and Red Bull. Many cross-pass and collision phases occurred. In the end, Leclerc had a third place on the podium - a position that sometimes fell to Max Verstappen or Sebastian Vettel.

Being played on the home track, Hamilton was supposed to start at the familiar leading position. But a mistake in the final round in Q3 made the British driver lose the right to take the pole into the hands of the team with a distance of only 0.006 seconds. Hamilton's determination to win was clearly shown in the first seconds.

Although he could not overcome Bottas at the start, Hamilton followed his teammate for the first three rounds. To the fourth round, the British driver attacked fiercely from Brooklands corner and took the first place from the team at Luffield's corner. However, only a few seconds later, Bottas counterattacked violently and regained the number one spot right from Turn 9.

After this situation, the race between two Mercedes riders gradually cooled down. To round 16, Bottas takes precedence to pit first. The Finnish driver decided to use 2 pit tactics when continuing to use the average tire. Meanwhile, Hamilton continued to play, trying to use a 1 pit strategy and temporarily climb to the top position.

In the back, Leclerc and Verstappen stick closely to each other in an attempt to compete for third place. The Dutch driver continued to attack, but his sanity and concentration helped Ferrari's rookie hold on to the top of the race despite Verstappen's better speed. Even these two talented young riders compete even when running in the pit lane.

When the tires were replaced in round 13, both of them almost ran parallel, Verstappen inched up a bit, but Leclerc refused to fail. When running to Turn 3, the Red Bull driver opens a slightly wide crab, so Leclerc attacks and takes third place. This duo continues to chase each other. Only when the safety car appears in the 20th round, does the competition between Verstappen and Leclerc cool down.

Behind him, Sebastian Vettel also had to focus on dealing with another Red Bull driver, young Pierre Gasly. The former champion so there is no time to chase the two riders above.

Arriving at round 20, the accident of Antonio Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo team) at Vale's corner made the safe car deployed to transfer the C38 out of the competition area. Thanks to the speed limit of the race car, some riders did not change tires like Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel benefited, taking advantage of this time to return to the pit.

When he returned to the race, Hamilton retained his lead while Vettel was stable in third place to Leclerc and Verstappen. Bottas continued to be on the second half of the race, but Hamilton still showed excellent tire retention when setting up the fastest-lap in the final round despite using 30-lap tires. Bottas entered the pit to change tires in the last rounds in order to earn a bonus, but the Finnish driver's attempt still failed against Hamilton.

Meanwhile, the order in the following group continuously reversed. The third position that Vettel got thanks to safety car appeared soon to dissipate. Verstappen continues to become an obsession with senior racers. At round 37, the RB15 caught up with Vettel. Verstappen overcame the German driver at Stowe's high-speed corner, but the wide-range escape made the SF90 a chance to counterattack. The Dutch driver immediately closed the corner to hold the position.

The defenseless and fierce defense made Vettel, who was running at high speed and unable to react, hit the RB15 in the tail. Both vehicles rushed to the gravel road. Verstappen was slightly damaged, so it dropped to No. 5 while Vettel dropped to the end of the race before having to run back to the pit to replace the front wing. The unsafe handling phase caused the German driver to add 10 seconds to the final record and to add 2 penalty points in the personal record.