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Austrian Grand Prix 2019 results: Verstappen cut off Mercedes' winning steak

Austrian Grand Prix 2019 results: Verstappen cut off Mercedes' winning steak

Max Verstappen - the Red Bull racer is the best in the Austrian Grand Prix, which makes Mercedes for the first time without a winner at F1 this season.

Starting in second place, but the Dutch prodigy dropped to seventh immediately after Turn 1 of the first lap. The race seemed to be a monopoly of another young talent - Charles Leclerc, Ferrari's rookie has an early start. However, with the advantage of newer tires due to late tire change, Verstappen constantly surpasses the competition at about 20 final rounds. After a series of attacks, Red Bull's driver also took the lead when the race was only two rounds, and won a valuable victory for the Austrian national team on the home turf.

However, Leclerc's SF60 clash in the 69th round was left eye on and refereed by referees after the race. If punished with a "push the opponent off the track" error, Verstappen will be added 5 seconds to the final record and lose the victory to Leclerc. But according to F1 experts, the top ranking of one of the two young talents also contributed to the race more attractive, because this is the first time the duo Mercedes - Hamilton and Bottas - defeat this season.

For the first win in F1 career at the last minute, but Leclerc is not too frustrating. Ferrari driver said: "Overall, this race is good for Ferrari. About the collision, then my tire was much older than Max. The arbitration was the jurisdiction of the referees, but it was clear that I was thrown out of the way. He did not give me any space when passing at Turn 3, two collided cars made me have a wide crab. That is a regrettable situation. Max is very fast on the track and still keeps good tires, that's what we have to learn. "

In round 68, Max Verstappen had a similar but unsuccessful phase. At that time, the Dutch racer left Leclerc with a void and the Ferrari driver countered to regain the lead at Turn 4. However, in the next round, thanks to experience, Verstappen did not have the opportunity to counterattack

Meanwhile, Verstappen was excited with winning at home with tens of thousands of spectators swimming from the Netherlands to Austria cheering. He said: "The results were great. After starting, I thought the race was over, still trying to resolve. There were a few cuts on the tires, but after the tires were changed, everything changed and I was able to constantly overcome the opponents. I'm too happy with winning a fierce race. If you don't play hard, drivers should stay at home, and F1 has nothing to watch".

Whether or not he was fined in a controversial situation in the 69th round, Verstappen still deserves praise for his outstanding performance during the 71 rounds of the Red Bull Ring race (Spielberg, Austria). The treatment was quite hasty at the start, causing the Dutch driver to be at a disadvantage. The second and third positions fall into the hands of Mercedes duo. Vettel soon climbed to fourth place from the first rounds even though he was only ninth. After recovering with a series of surpasses of opponents, Verstappen regained consciousness.

Verstappen consecutive passes over Lando Norris and Kimi Raikkonen helped Red Bull riders climb to fifth place in the ninth round, after only four cars from Ferrari and Mercedes. Vettel and Bottas were called to the pit early in the 21st round, to the next round, Leclerc's turn to change the tire. Hamilton and Verstappen continue to stay on the track with the starting tires, to keep the tire for the last sprint.

The fact that Ferrari did not prepare the tires for Vettel in time to return to the pit caused the German driver to take another four seconds. Bottas also took a long time in the pit. Two inexperienced combinations of the top two teams helped Lewis Hamilton and Verstappen continue to take advantage and try to maintain the starting tires. However, the British driver suddenly encountered a problem on the front wing, making him constantly complain to the team about the loss of compression in the body.

When he returned to the pit in round 30, Hamilton took another 10 seconds to replace the front wing. When returning to the track, the W10 was lagged behind Vettel for nearly four seconds. Verstappen still holds the first place. To round 32, Red Bull decided to call home racer to the pit. After returning to the track, Verstappen dropped to fourth place. However, the new set of tires helps Dutch riders have many advantages at the end of the race.

After a series of breakthroughs and continuous setting of fastest-lap, Verstappen gradually closed the gap to the top 3. At round 50, the four-second gap with Vettel was leveled. At this time Vettel's tire set was clearly degraded, so the third person easily got to the Dutch prodigy. By the 56th round, Bottas was the turn of Verstappen's defeat.

When the race was still 15 rounds, Verstappen was less than Leclerc nearly five seconds. However, the Dutch driver was not discouraged. Despite being prevented by a series of cars, Red Bull's riders continue to close the gap. At round 65, the distance between the two leading vehicles is only about a second. A series of attacks by Verstappen failed due to Leclerc's fierce resistance. Even so, the processing phase in the 69th round, the first place went to Red Bull racing team.

The fact that the SF60 was constantly narrowed at the end of the period caused a question mark about how Leclerc was called to change the tire when the car still achieved good speed. Because of early tire changes, Monaco riders missed the opportunity to win their first F1 career. Ferrari seems to have been too focused on Bottas without thinking much about Verstappen's ability to overturn the flag.