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Red Bull admits goals to improve the whole aspect

Red Bull admits goals to improve the whole aspect

Team Christian Horner said that the home team had to fix many points to catch up with rivals at F1.

"We had to lose two or three-tenths of the ability," Mr. Horner told Sky Sports after Red Bull team disappointed in the French Grand Prix. Max Verstappen comes fourth while Pierre Gasly points to 10th in this race. When asked if Red Bull was slowed down by the chassis or the engine, Horner replied, "We are losing time everywhere."

Red Bull team won three victories in the first nine stages of the 2018 season and Max Verstappen won the Austrian GP. But this team is disappointing this year. When heading to the Spielberg racetrack - which is considered Red Bull's home ground, they have only twice stood on the podium this season and the best performance is on Tuesday.

Red Bull's direct competitor in the past stages is Ferrari team. Many people are waiting for this team to improve their speed by cooperating with new Honda engine supplier. However, the fact that the RB15 slowed down in a straight line was not enough to resist the strength of Mercedes team.

Max Verstappen, one of the most talented drivers in the current F1, said he did his best to resist the pressure from Sebastian Vettel at the French GP, but could not get into the top three.

The Dutch prodigy said: "The problem is still at the maximum speed we can achieve. It is not just the car's dimness when cornering. You can see in the first race in France. It is difficult to attack but also difficult to defend. We need to improve both aspects".