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F1 Austrian station preview: Red Bull is expecting a miracle at home

F1 Austrian station preview: Red Bull is expecting a miracle at home

The F1 Grand Prix of the 2019 season will have a round of "back-to-back" contest this weekend, and the 9th race of the season will kick off at the Red Bull Ring in Austria.

This is a typical high-speed track and home to Red Bull Racing. Mercedes has always had a clear advantage here, but last season had suffered from Waterloo, this year Red Bull is looking forward to a miracle at home.

Red Bull Ring is currently owned by Red Bull Group. It has returned to Formula 1 since the 2014 season. This is a very typical high-speed track. It has high requirements for the horsepower and braking system of the car. The drivers need to go straight. Rapidly decelerate into the corner during high-speed driving, and mistakes will occur if you are not careful.

Although the "Red Bull Ring" is the home of the Red Bull Racing team, their performance here is not very good. The Mercedes team won the championship here for four consecutive years from 2014 to 2017. The winners are Nico Rosberg ( 2014, 2015), Lewis Hamilton (2016) and Valtteri Bottas (2017).

F1 Austrian station preview: Red Bull is expecting a miracle at home

Until last season, their winning streak was interrupted. The two drivers retired due to accidents during the game. Max Verstappen won his first championship in the season with excellent strategy.

In this season's game, Mercedes' advantage is very obvious. In the first eight races of the season, all of them won, and six of them completed the 1+2 formula. In the last French Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton easily won the championship, and the current advantage in the drivers' championship is quite obvious.

Since this weekend's game is "back to back", there is not much time left for the team to adjust, so Mercedes is hopeful to continue its lead here. The most promising threat to Mercedes team is the Ferrari team and Red Bull team, but from the previous game, the two teams have some gaps in absolute speed compared to Mercedes, so they want Winning needs to expect Mercedes team to have some accidents.

In addition, the McLaren team has a clear rebound in recent times. Both drivers in the previous race entered Q3 and eventually scored points. Their performance in this race is quite worthy of attention.

In the current Drivers' Championship, Lewis Hamilton topped the list with 187 points, Valtteri Bottas ranked second with 151 points, and Sebastian Vettel ranked third with 111 points, followed by Max Verstappen's 100 points and Charles Leclerc's 87 points.

F1 Austrian station preview: Red Bull is expecting a miracle at home

In the team standings, Mercedes led by 338 points, Ferrari ranked second with 198 points, Red Bull team racing ranked third with 136 points, followed by McLaren's 39 points and Renault's 36 points. 

At present, the gaming company's winning odds in this game, Hamilton's advantage is very obvious, for 1 loss of 1.66, teammate Bottas ranked second with 1 loss 4, Vettel and Leclerc's odds are 1 loss 6 and 1 loses 7, and Verstappen only pays 1 for 29. In qualifying, Hamilton's odds for pole position is also 1 for 1.66, Botas is 1 for 3, followed by Vettel's 1 for 6.5, Charles Leclerc's 1 for 7.5 and Max Verstappen's 1 Lose 41.

In this season's driver's championship odds, Lewis Hamilton's advantage continues to climb, currently paying 7 for Valtteri Bottas, 51 for Sebastian Vettel, and 1 for both Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc. In terms of the championship, Mercedes' odds are 1 to 1.00, which means that a bet of 100 yuan can only get 5 gross gains, Ferrari is 1 for 21, and Red Bull is 1 for 1001.

Attached to the 2019 season F1 Austria Grand Prix specific timetable  (all the time are GMT+8)

Friday, June 28th

17:00 - 18:30: First free practice session

21:00 - 22:30: Second free practice session

23:00: FIA press conference

Saturday, June 29th

18:00 - 19:00: The third free practice session

21:00 - 22:00: Austrian qualifying session

22:00: FIA press conference (three drivers before the qualifying session)

Sunday, June 30th

21:10 - 23:10: Austrian race

23:10: FIA press conference (three drivers before the race)

Number of laps: 71 laps

Total length of the game: 306.452 km

Last season's winner: Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing)