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The franchise champion - A new joke of WBC

The franchise champion - A new joke of WBC

If you've ever heard of franchise chains, franchise cafes, then with the World Boxing Council, you'll have “franchise champion”.

Recently, World Boxing Council shocked boxing world when "honoring" the defending champion of Canelo Alvarez with the new title: “franchise champion”.

The story probably won't be worth mentioning if WBC did not decide to take Jermall Charlo from the interim champion position to the official WBC champion - the position that belonged to Canelo Alvarez. It can be said that WBC has taken Canelo Alvarez's championship with a new title that has no meaning.

The explanation for this ridiculous decision, World Boxing Council explained the type as well as not: "The franchise champion is a new initiative, a special position that the WBC is dedicated to the current world champion. in. The franchise champion is an outstanding martial artist who has achieved a lot of success and devoted a lot to Boxing".

The World Boxing Council also added: "With 2/3 votes from the WBC board, WBC can designate each weight class a franchise champion. Franchise champions will enjoy the benefits and responsibilities of WBC. The franchise champion will also hold many titles, and the upper hand to compete for the championships of other organizations. At the same time, the Franchise champion can also assume a position on the board of the WBC. The World Boxing Council has chosen Canelo Alvarez for his achievements".

The World Boxing Council also said that this was not the "unilateral decision" of this organization, but it received a consensus from Canelo Alvarez. Despite this decision, Canelo Alvarez from the position of owning three middle-class championships, WBA (Super), WBC and IBF, currently only owns two championships, WBA (Super) and IBF only.

Remarkably, the title of franchise champion is also not competitive, meaning that Canelo will forever be the WBC champion without having to defend his title. But with the new "noble" title more than the world championship, the prize money for WBC matches may also change dramatically. Specifically, if one assumes that Canelo Alvarez is defeated by a boxer, the WBC may promise them a world title match - which is a less valuable belt than Canelo's "franchise title" in present.

This can be considered a cynical and greedy game of the World Boxing Council. Not only is Canelo Alvarez's move to keep "golden egg chicken", cases like Andy Ruiz defeat Anthony Joshua and destroy the entire division system, the organization's promotional media will not happen to the WBC. At least when Canelo Alvarez no longer holds the championship title.

The challengers around Canelo Alvarez are no longer able to touch the franchise champion when Canelo Alvarez abandons the WBC belt. Winning where there is no need to know, but in World Boxing Council, Canelo Alvarez is completely protected. Now, at WBC, Canelo Alvarez only has to pay attention to big matches, matches that really benefit the WBC.

To be fair, this is the WBC move to keep Canelo Alvarez in the job of promoting the organization's image. This is also a good move for Canelo Alvarez when WBC also hinted that Canelo Alvarez could hold important positions in the World Boxing Council organization. Meaning that even when retiring, Canelo Alvarez could also affect Boxing at a certain level.