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Manny Pacquiao won the WBA middle-class belt after beating Keith Thurman

Manny Pacquiao won the WBA middle-class belt after beating Keith Thurman

Lower Filipino Manny Pacquiao boxer beat Keith Thurman thanks to referees in Las Vegas on July 20th.

After 12 innings without knock-out, Manny Pacquiao is won by two referees with the score 115-112. The remaining referee judged Thurman to win 114-113. The result helped Pacquiao win WBA for the first time in his career. Accepting defeat, Thurman called for a rematch and was enthusiastically cheered by MGM Grand audience.

Pacquiao also became the oldest fighter to win the middle sale of one of the four major boxing associations (WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO). This is the 62nd victory in the career of a 40-year-old boxer. You will still continue to be upstream in 2020.

"The game is interesting," Pacquiao told AP. "Thurman is strong and has a fighting spirit. Both tried their best in this match. Hope I have made the fans happy."

Keith Thurman entered more actively with two sliding punches. The drama came at the end of the first half, after the American puncher hit the right hook. Pacquiao countered with his right hand punches, causing Thurman to fall to the floor while backing away.

By the half of the year, Pacquiao continued to attack violently in the last seconds, causing blood to flow from the opponent's mouth and nose. After the end of the round, Thurman staggered back to his seat.

The 30-year-old punched unbeaten after 29 matches, before comparing the glove with Pacquiao. He showed the bravery of the former champion in the ninth half, with the left hook causing the opponent to bleed. According to MMA fighting, Thurman won 10-9 in the ninth quarter to equalize the score 85-85.

But, in the last three rounds, Pacquiao dominated with punches on his stomach and ribs. A slow turnaround before the 11th half saw Thurman suffer a rib pain in the 10th half. At the last two rounds, Pacquiao had at least five punches hitting his opponent's old wound.

"Pacquiao has the advantage after my fall in the first half. Today, my punches are not as good as he is. This will be a lesson for me", Thurman said.