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Manny Pacquiao: 'I don't end my career at 40'

Manny Pacquiao: 'I don't end my career at 40'

Filipino boxers were placed in the lower door before the match against Keith Thurman.

"I became more focused and tried every time I heard others say negative things about me. Fans and analysts always default to boxers who will be lazy when they turn 40 and early careers. This is the moment I prove that not every fighter is like that. Practice is my hobby and joy beside boxing. I often play basketball four hours a day and keep my body neat all the time", Manny Pacquiao told Fox.

Pacquiao once championed boxing in eight different weight classes. However, when he challenged Keith Thurman's super-sale rankings, he was first beaten by the underdogs since Floyd Mayweather's encounter in 2015. This is a match with a big difference in age, because Pacquiao is 40, 10 years older than his opponent.

Pacquiao's rival, Thurman, is not only younger but has an impressive track record. American boxers are unbeaten when playing professionally with 29 wins, including 22 knock-out times. Thurman used a lot of words against Pacquiao, advising his opponents to plan a retirement, before the two met on July 20th in Las Vegas.

"I told Thurman's team that I had a lot of motivation, when it was a long time, I had to play at the bottom. I feel that I have to work hard and get back what I have achieved in the last 15 years. Outside the ring, I am friendly to everyone, but will prove valuable when I step inside, "shared Pacquiao.

Pacquiao is keeping a record of 61 wins, seven losses and two draws. In particular, Filipino boxers have 39 times knocked out knock-out opponents.