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Floyd Mayweather officially cooperates with Chinese boxing

Floyd Mayweather officially cooperates with Chinese boxing

The great American puncher Floyd Mayweather will work with the Chinese Boxing Federation in the name of "special adviser". His specific role has yet to be revealed.

This information is confirmed by the National Boxing Federation on the homepage. Mayweather's invincible punch is a Chinese effort to improve achievement at the 2020 Olympics in Japan.

The Chinese Boxing Federation said: "Mayweather will take advantage of its influence and resources to help Chinese boxing achieve impressive performance at the upcoming Olympics".

As for the American puncher, he has not confirmed the above information on any social networking site, nor did he mention the specific role when working with the Chinese Boxing Federation.

Floyd Mayweather is a legendary American fist, dubbed the "Single-handedly defeated" of boxing village. In his career, Mayweather spent 50 games without having to defeat once. In it, he knocked out opponents 27 times.

The American puncher declared retirement. Mayweather's final match was with Conor McGregor - the famous boxer of the UFC village. Mayweather won easily, but fans judged it to be a poor game or when McGregor did not play professional boxing.

In China, boxing was banned until 2004. At the 2004 Athens Olympics, Zou Shiming won the light bronze medal and was also the country's first medal of boxing in the Olympics.