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Trae Young' attitude should be improved following the defeat against Miami Heat

Trae Young' attitude should be improved following the defeat against Miami Heat

It seems that after the latest defeat against Miami Heat, Trae Young will learn something about his statements.

Indeed, losing the Miami Heat in injury time may have made the defender playing for the Atlanta Hawks - Trae Young somewhat more mature with words spoken in the American professional basketball tournament, NBA in the future.

After Young's scoring, the team from Atlanta had an advantage with a distance of 6 points when the game was less than the last 1 minute: 117-111. The special thing is that after getting that score, Trae Young hurriedly shouted "It's Over", but it seems that things are not as good as what Trae Young has implied.

After the "loud voice" of Trae Young, the Miami Heat players had a 6-0 run to bring the game into the intense injury minutes. And with a somewhat bitter performance, Jimmy Butler and his teammates scored 22-0 in 5 minutes to close the game with a gap of... 14 points against away guest Atlanta Hawks:135-121.

After this failure, Young seemed to realize that he had spoken a bit early and he only shared the status line as if he showed "resignation" with the result on his personal Twitter. Of course, the player born in 1998 must have learned something through this.

It is undeniable that Trae Young had a not bad game with 21 points, 9 assists and 4 rebounds. However, the current gap between the two teams is probably due to the battle experience and about this, the 11 number player can not compare with Jimmy Butler and Heat's coach, Erik Spoelstra.

Not only that, the Miami Heat had a historic day with two players achieving the Triple-double record, Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo. In addition, Kendrick Nunn led the scoring list with 36 points himself.