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Los Angeles Lakers recruits Daniel Green following Kawhi Leonard's parting

Los Angeles Lakers recruits Daniel Green following Kawhi Leonard's parting

After Kawhi Leonard moved to Clippers, the Lakers also gave themselves the final piece.

The paper-heavy deal named Kawhi Leonard finally closed. The 28-year-old decided to move to Los Angeles Clippers with Paul George, which added Doc Rivers' troop to become one of the top candidates for next season's championship.

The skate of Kawhi Leonard, Los Angeles Lakers also quickly gave me the last piece, Daniel Green. True to the previous information, Green decided to part with Toronto Raptors when Kawhi Leonard left.

Joining the Green Army will receive a 2-year contract worth $ 30 million. Along with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, Daniel Green is expected to help the Lakers win the championship next season.

Previously Toronto Raptors and Dallas Mavericks were very willing to persuade Green, but the attractiveness of the Lakers is very difficult to throw away the 32-year-old. Daniel Green himself confirmed the two names LeBron James and Anthony Davis are the reasons why he prioritized the Lakers.

Before moving to Los Angeles Lakers, Daniel Green had two NBA championships in the San Antonio Spurs shirt and Toronto Raptors. Last season he scored an average of 6.9 points in a Playoffs match, although Green's performance was not enough to match the team's expectations but his experience was something that many teams needed. .

For its part, Toronto Raptors is facing an extremely difficult season. They lost the brightest star Kawhi Leonard and now Daniel Green, obviously protecting the Canadian team championship will be extremely difficult.