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NBA try out coach’s challenge rule this season

NBA try out coach’s challenge rule this season

According to a memo issued by the Alliance Council, the NBA will begin implementation in the upcoming summer league. The coach’s challenges rule is expected to officially use in the NBA 2019-20 season.

From ESPN reporter Zach Lowe: According to this rule, the NBA head coaches will get a chance to challenge each game, and even if the challenge is successful, they will not be able to use the game again. They can use this challenge opportunity to challenge fouling, offense and defensive ball violations, ball out of bounds and other circumstances. For the past two seasons, the league has begun experimenting with this version of the rules in the Development League.

The coach wants to use the challenge rules and must first apply for a timeout. They must request a timeout after the dispute ball has occurred, and then make a finger-turning action toward the referee, indicating a challenge. If the challenge is successful, the timeout will be returned to the challenged team, but if the challenge fails, the timeout will be deducted.

The referee will make a final decision on the challenge of the foul, and the challenges in other situations will be determined by the NBA's Replay Center. Any technical fouls that occur during or immediately following the "challenge ball" will continue to take effect regardless of the outcome of the challenge.

NBA try out coach’s challenge rule this season

The memo also mentions that both the Alliance Office and the NBA Competition Committee, which consists of coaches, players and front-office managers, recommends that the Alliance Council approve the NBA's implementation of the rule in the 2019-20 season "on a trial basis". "We expect this rule to be implemented in the NBA as part of a one-year pilot project next season," the memo wrote. 

In May of this year, when the Alliance Council and the teams discussed the concept of challenge rules at a general meeting in Chicago, some people expressed concern about allowing coaches to challenge so-called fouls. It seems that supporters who use the challenge rules in a broader context have clearly won this debate.

It is worth emphasizing that the coaches can't challenge the “foul” that the referee has not whistled. According to the source, any attempt to extend the challenge rules to such situations will lead to more intense and long-lasting struggles.

If the Coach's challenge rules are to be formally approved in the regular season of the NBA 2019-20 season, two-thirds of the teams in the league will be required to vote in the official resolution of the board. The Alliance Office and Council will vote on the board of directors of the alliance held on July 9th local time. “Based on the feedback we received, the proposal is expected to be adopted,” the memo wrote.