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NBA transfer: Miami Heat close to sign Chris Paul

NBA transfer: Miami Heat close to sign Chris Paul

Although not receiving positive feedback from OKC, Chris Paul is still in the must-have goal of the Miami city team before the new season begins.

Not long ago, Chris Paul had a reputation for wanting to play for the Miami Heat, after he left the Houston Rockets in a deal with Oklahoma City Thunder.

However, OKC and Miami were unable to come to an agreement to let Paul play for the coastal city in the upcoming NBA season, when Thunder wanted the American player to be like the spiritual leader and convey the experience. for young people, in the context of the home team no longer served by Russell WestBrook.

The problem for the 34-year-old is that he still has a three-year contract for the $ 124 million that any team that wants to own must pay him. However, the Miami Heat is the only team that can afford to handle those "huge" numbers.

The management of the team brought in the success of Jimmy Butler, their ambition clearly aimed directly at the title when they wanted to have one of the best defenders on the planet.

Chris Paul is one of the stars that to this day, the "championship ring" is the only missing thing in his collection. Therefore, the need to "educate" the young people at OKC, as well as discard the long-term ambitions is not part of the future plan of the player who has been to enter this All-Star 9 times.