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LeBron James will be the new PG of the LA Lakers, but whether that "King James" still a PG now?

LeBron James will be the new PG of the LA Lakers, but whether that

An extremely "hard" starting team formed at the Los Angeles Lakers. There, LeBron James will be the main defender of the team.

Los Angeles Lakers may have veteran defender Rajon Rondo, but the player will not be the main ball for the purple-yellow shirt team. Instead, the person who will begin the 2019-20 season as a ball defender (PG) for the Los Angeles Lakers will be LeBron James.

According to Yahoo's journalist Chris Haynes, the plan that the new Lakers coach Frank Vogel will offer is Danny Green and LeBron James in two defender positions in the starting lineup. In particular, LeBron James will be PG, and Danny Green gunner will be SG.

In most of his career, LeBron James is always placed in the forward position (SF or PF). Although he rarely competes on behalf of a PG, LeBron James is one of the most capable players in the decade. He scored an average of 7.2 assists per game throughout his career, up 8.3 and 9.1 in the last two seasons.

So far, the "King James" style of play is often referred to as Point-Foward, combining Point Guard and Forward (ball guide and striker). This is a play that is often used by good strikers like LeBron James or Blake Griffin.

However, if taken as a pure PG, the Los Angeles Lakers 34-year-old superstar will both be able to contribute to the team better, keep fit. This approach also avoids the need to plow, resulting in unintended injuries.

"LeBron James is one of the NBA's best icon", said one expert - "At the end of his career, he can completely turn into a pass-first player, Keep away from the basket area. This direction will help LeBron James extend his career after overburdening for many years".

If LeBron James's PG position, big-man rates in the Los Angeles Lakers squad will be assumed by Anthony Davis, Kyle Kuzma and even DeMarcus Cousins, the striker has just been taken to Staples Center here. few days. Los Angeles Lakers starting lineup: Kyle Kuzma - LeBron James - DeMarcus Cousins - Anthony Davis - Danny Green.

Although the defense problem will be questioned, Danny Green and Anthony Davis are the two strong defenses in and out of the third round. In addition, defense expert Avery Bradley will prepare to sign a contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, helping to bring another defensive wall to the purple and yellow team.

While these three players are trying to defend, LeBron James will be able to freely roll over the attack or sometimes appear in under-assisted situations, taking advantage of his excellent time-keeping and blocking skills. block opponents.