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LeBron James played defender, so what is Anthony Davis's position at Los Angeles Lakers?

LeBron James played defender, so what is Anthony Davis's position at Los Angeles Lakers?

Anthony Davis is a bigman with an extremely diverse play style. So what will be his position at the Los Angeles Lakers next season?

In the early hours today, Anthony Davis officially released the Los Angeles Lakers through a press conference at UCLA Health Center, the purple and purple team training facility. Here, the new Lakers striker made the first share after joining one of the most traditional rich teams in the tournament.

Because he could not wear the number 23 shirt left by LeBron James, Anthony Davis was introduced to the No. 3 shirt, the number he had worn since he was a middle school student.

One of the hottest questions posed by a reporter is about the location at which Davis will play at the Los Angeles Lakers. This came after ESPN's journalist Chris Haynes shared that LeBron James would first make his debut as a ball defender (PG), taking action to create a lot of kissing for Anthony Davis fight in the inner round.

Below will be the answer of the former New Orleans Pelicans player.

"Of course I love playing in position 4 (PF) and I won't hide it", Anthony Davis said. Then he turned to coach Frank Vogel, who was sitting next to him and laid his hand on the captain of the Los Angeles Lakers and laughed. "But if the coach wants me to play at number 5 (striker - C), I will play at number 5".

"In this moment, things are not in my interest. The most important thing is that the requirements of the coaching team with the ultimate goal are the overall achievement of the whole team, so I'm willing to do everything to help the team win", Davis added.

Although possessing an extremely tall body and extremely good block skills, Anthony Davis has long been not associated with a mediocre position but instead feels more comfortable as a striker.

Even, the ability to throw 3 and ball the ball well helps Davis move more out of the arc, diversifying his extremely uncomfortable playing style.

With a mature and calm style, Anthony Davis promised millions of Los Angeles Lakers fans that he would do everything he could to win the championship:

"Don't ask me anything about the future because it will be the story of next year. Now, my focus is on the present and I will find ways to help the team, help bring another championship to the Los Angeles Lakers ".

A promising season is ahead of Anthony Davis and the Los Angeles Lakers. Besides LeBron James, Anthony Davis will play with a number of senior players such as Danny Green, Rajon Rondo or former teammate DeMarcus Cousins.