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Klay Thompson ended ACL surgery, resting for 6-8 months

Klay Thompson ended ACL surgery, resting for 6-8 months

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Klay Thompson completed his ACL surgery.

Klay Thompson has just undergone an ACL surgery in Los Angeles.After this operation, Klay Thompson will have to rest for 6-8 months.

In the last season of 2018-19, Thompson scored an average of 21.5 points per match and the season-end finishing performance reached 46.7% FG and 40.2% 3PT.In his career, Klay threw at least 200 3 points each season for 7 consecutive years. Even so, Klay Thompson had to close the last season with a sad ending when he broke his knee ligament (ACL). while trying to support Warriors at NBA Finals 2019.

Standing in front of the 3-1 gap, Thompson was determined to go on the pitch despite his hamstring injury and this decision made him pay the price with a serious injury.

Golden State Warriors is expected to offer a max contract for Klay Thompson when the transfer market opens in the next few days.The contract value will be 190 million USD within 5 years.However, Klay is still quite tight-lipped about his decision.If staying at Golden State Warriors, Klay Thompson will take up to seven months to be able to greet Chase Center.

The Golden State Warriors has been actively involved in the race to sign big names this summer, with the goal of retrieving the prestigious title.Golden State đã không đạt được thoả thuận để giữ chân Kevin Durant ở lại, nhưng cũng chính vì thế, the Dubs lại mang về D'Angelo Russell từ Brooklyn Nets.

Along with that, the Golden State Warriors had to say goodbye to the famous veteran Andre Iguodala, who joined the Dubs to win his first championship in 30 years in 2015, receiving the MVP Finals for his performance. I am in the NBA Finals.The Golden State Warriors leadership board is also freeing some players to get Russell's maximum contract salary.Meanwhile, all former kings fans hope that Klay Thompson will stay and continue to perform as well as he did last season after this surgery.