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Jeremy Lin can be transferred to the LA Clippers, reuniting with Kawhi Leonard

Jeremy Lin can be transferred to the LA Clippers, reuniting with Kawhi Leonard

Jeremy Lin is going through an unfortunate summer and how will Lin decide his future?

After a humming summer, the Los Angeles Clippers are becoming one of the top contenders for next season's NBA championship. Together with the Los Angeles Lakers team, these two powers will surely be the most remarkable teams in NBA 2019-20.

With a contract signed by Paul George and Kawhi Leonar, the Clippers are ready for the upcoming season.

The Clippers had two superstars to lift their team, but for the squad to be in depth, the Clippers needed a few more ready-to-replace names on the bench. In recent days, the Clippers have made moves to contact some of the veterans who have not been noticed by the team this summer, and the Clippers leadership hopes those names will be suitable to bring to them. a perfect lineup.

Among the Clippers names, the famous journalist Frank Urbina said that Jeremy Lin was the most suitable player for the Clippers at the present time. Especially when the Clippers are only Patrick Beverley is a true PG.

Jeremy Lin went through a playoff that wasn't really impressive with Toronto Raptos. He only played 27 minutes in the playoff and only 1 minute came off during the NBA Finals. However, it is undeniable that Lin is a versatile player and still a good player on the bench.

"Lin doesn't have much time at the moment, but perhaps the most reasonable choice for him now is to find a suitable team and accept a position on the bench", Frank commented.

At the age of 31, Lin didn't have the same level he had. That's why Lin didn't have many opportunities when he was young. And with a bad summer, when Lin had to say that the tournament had abandoned him, Lin should consider an option on the bench, or not, Lin could think of going to Asia to join one of the teams that are hunting him.