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Revealing Klay Thompson's plan before Golden State Warriors's new NBA season

Revealing Klay Thompson's plan before Golden State Warriors's new NBA season

The Golden State Warriors suffered a lot of force losses after the last transfer. However, Klay Thompson still proved extremely excited with many positive thoughts for the new season.

In the next NBA 2019-20 season, the West defending champion Golden State Warriors will no longer serve many familiar faces. Veteran duo Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston have said goodbye to the team. In addition, Kevin Durant went to the Brooklyn Nets, and DeMarcus Cousins ​​left for a free transfer and played for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Also, Klay Thompson has not been able to return because of a knee ligament injury, which will cause the defender to lose at least half of Regular Season. Thus, while the other teams in the West are stronger due to the spread of talents, Golden State Warriors is weakened by the loss of a series of pillars.

However, when the most active fans of Dub Nation began to think about accepting a bad season, Klay Thompson wanted to think positively. With that, half of "Splash Brothers" want fans to do the same.

The West will be extremely cramped, not only with the LA Lakers or the Clippers, but even Utah Jazz, the Denver Nuggets, the Portland Trail BLazers or the Houston Rockets will grow stronger with their own soldiers and trio. Look at the Rockets, they are like two MVPs at the peak of the same lineup.

Obviously next season will be quite difficult for us, but pessimism will not bring any benefit. I myself will try my best to get back to practice and beyond to the game field. Hopefully I will be back in time when the team is competing for Playoffs and since then, we will become stronger, ”said Klay Thompson.

Next season, coach Steve Kerr will have to rely heavily on Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and All-Star players they just got as D'Angelo Russell to "carry", at least until Klay Thompson can return.

Even so, the Golden State Warriors still has the rank of a champion and certainly in the team's locker room when the official season takes place, the atmosphere is exciting to prove it will culminate.

"Does anyone dare to say that they look forward to meeting the Golden State Warriors because we are easily defeated? I think not".