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Fearing last season's footsteps, the LA Lakers plan to "maintain" LeBron James

Fearing last season's footsteps, the LA Lakers plan to

The groin injury of LeBron James this time may not be as heavy as last season, however, the Los Angeles Lakers do not dare to risk their biggest superstar.

After the excellent start of the NBA 2019/20 season, the Los Angeles Lakers leveled off by 4 recent consecutive defeats. The yellow-purple team achieved a general record 24-7 after a series of Christmas nights, where they lost the second match against LA Clippers since the beginning of the season.

However, that failure has even bigger consequences, that is "safety" of the brightest star of Los Angeles - LeBron James. According to the superstar striker himself, he relapsed an injury in the groin - thigh (groin) after a collision with Patrick Beverley.

"Entering the match, I felt completely healthy. In the second or third defensive phase, I got a knee into the groin, thigh. That collision brought me back to the mark 5 days ago", LeBron shared after scoring 23 points with 10 assists and 9 rebounds.

This is clearly a very worrying sign for the Los Angeles Lakers. So according to the latest information, many members of the coaching staff and the team leaders have asked LeBron James to take a break from playing for a while, at least until his injury fully recovered.

Last season, LeBron James suffered a muscle tear in this groin region during the Christmas match against the Golden State Warriors. This is also the first serious injury that LeBron encountered in his career.

With this injury, James had to take a 4-week break and the Los Angeles Lakers' season was completely broken. On March 30, about 3 months after being injured, LeBron James was officially given a break by the Lakers for the rest of the season.