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LA Lakers defeat Golden State Warriors again thanks to Dwight Howard's performance

LA Lakers defeat Golden State Warriors again thanks to Dwight Howard's performance

With a comprehensive performance of veteran striker Dwight Howard and the highlight of the young rookie, the Los Angeles Lakers team overtook the Golden State Warriors for the second time in this year's preseason series.

Coming back to the United States after two turbulent NBA China Games, it seems the Los Angeles Lakers have rediscovered the sublimation of their gameplay. Facing the Golden State Warriors in one of the last two preseason matches, coach Frank Vogel and his team won 104-98.

Who is the brightest star in the match? The answer was neither LeBron James, Anthony Davis or D'Angelo Russell (all three sat out with the other six pillars of both teams), nor was Stephen Curry, who struggled to burden Golden State.

The name that attracted the most attention was Dwight Howard, the veteran striker who had a comprehensive match in both attack and defense to help LA Lakers win their 2nd victory against Warriors in this year's NBA Preseason series.

Over the years, the Los Angeles Lakers have often found rough gems in rookie players. Unlike names like Kyle Kuzma or Josh Hart, Zach Norvell Jr was not selected at the last NBA Draft 2019 before having a two-way contract (parallel between NBA and G-League) with LA Lakers.

With what is shown in this preseason, Norvell will certainly have many opportunities to play with the first team in the near future.

The Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors will meet again on Thursday, October 17th. This will be the final preseason match for both teams before the 2019-20-20 Regular Season Season officially kicks off on October 22nd.