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China lost both their first matches in the NBA Summer League

China lost both their first matches in the NBA Summer League

The reigning Asian champions still stand very far from the world No. 1 basketball.

In July 7th, the Chinese basketball team received 77-94 defeat against Sacramento Kings, thereby having their second defeat at the NBA Summer League this year. Before that, they had to defeat 62-103 before the Miami Heat.

In a duel with the Sacramento Kings, China only kept the balance in the first 5 minutes before being overwhelmed by all opponents. They made a mistake of up to 34 times and made up to 23 turnovers. In the first 3 innings, the Sacramento Kings scored at least 24 points each quarter.

Shadow defender Guo Ailun is the most impressive player on the Asian side. Player born in 1993 scored 20 points with 8/16 performance. Former Houston Rockets player Zhou Qi competed enthusiastically with 9 bounces of rebound, 2 tackles and 2 blocks in just 9 minutes.

The performance of the China basketball team this time is much better than the Miami Heat, when they only successfully completed 26.7% of the shots in the first two rounds. On the day of the deployment, Wang Zhelin had a double-double with 12 rebounds and 14 rebounds but faded in front of Sacramento Kings with 8 points from the bench.

The Chinese basketball team is in the Summer League this year to prepare for the FIBA World Cup on home soil at the end of August. They were also present at the NBA Summer League tournament in 2007.

Besides the Chinese basketball team, the Croatian basketball team also came to NBA Summer League, marking the first time the tournament had the appearance of two international teams. The Croatian basketball team also received defeat 80-96 on the day they met Detroit Pistons.