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NBA China Games: Anthony Davis's injury worried the LA Lakers

NBA China Games: Anthony Davis's injury worried the LA Lakers

Anthony Davis is the next star on the injury list after the NBA China Games series

LA Lakers star Anthony Davis suffered a thumb injury during a match against Brooklyn Nets in Shenzhen in the NBA China Games series. The 26-year-old striker suffered pain in the first half and has not returned since then. In that match, Lebron James and his teammates lost.

Even so, there are still in luck. Doctors diagnosed that AD had no ligament related injuries. The team believes that he only had a level 1 sprain and will carefully examine it by taking an MRI scan when he returns to the United States.

Anthony Davis has a history of trauma that is not thin at all. Even in the 2018/19 season, he can only play 56 matches for New Orleans Pelicans. He retired from the first three games last season because of an elbow sprain and an additional nine games in the middle of the season due to a finger injury.

However, Anthony Davis has always been one of the top big men in the tournament when he was healthy. The six-time All-star player has been the number one transfer target for the Los Angeles Lakers since he applied to leave New Orleans Pelicans. After a long period of fuss, it was not until this summer that the Lakers completed the deal.

The Yellow-Purple team spent the summer searching for additional quality names for the squad, but they still lacked the man in the Big Man position. If Anthony Davis is absent, JaVale McGee and Dwight Howard will have more playing time.