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The USA team announced a great list of captain ahead of 2019 FIBA ​​World Cup

The USA team announced a great list of captain ahead of 2019 FIBA ​​World Cup

The three most prominent names have been coached by the USA team, led by coach Gregg Popovich as captain for the basketball team of chess at FIBA ​​World Cup 2019 here.

The official squad for the USA team at 2019 FIBA​​ World Cup has not yet been announced, but the three names will certainly be present officially revealed.

According to AP, the source from the team shared 3 names trusted by coach Gregg Popovich, entrusted with the role of captain including Kemba Walker, Donovan Mitchell and Marcus Smart.

This means that these three players will definitely be included in the list of the last 12 names to set out for China for FIBA ​​World Cup in the middle of next week.

While many other stars quit the team, Kemba Walker and Donovan Mitchell were the two most prominent names during the training period, prepared recently by coach Gregg Popovich.

It must be added that Walker and Mitchell are two of the names that are highly appreciated for personality in the eyes of their NBA colleagues. They are often considered the best teammates or the most important player in Utah Jazz's dressing room or Charlotte Hornets.

With Kemba Walker and Donovan Mitchell personally, these two talented defenders also regularly talk to each other since the US team training camp started earlier this month.

Through's Aaron Folk journalist, Mitchell said, "I talk with Kemba a lot. It's great that I get close to him, better understand him both inside and outside the yard.

I learned a lot from Kemba, from how to be more effective in playing to creating efforts for my teammates. I feel very happy when he is also willing to open his heart and help me when I ask so many questions".

With the other name, coach Gregg Popovich believes that Marcus Smart is not older (25 years old) but possesses a relatively high maturity compared to his peers.

Before the three captaines were announced, a local NBC Sports Boston reporter raised the issue of Marcus Smart being the leader of the US team at FIBA ​​World Cup this time. He thinks that Smart is the dominant player in the locker room because his interest in teammates is great and not only in the stadium but also outside.

With the trio of Kemba Walker, Marcus Smart and Donovan Mitchell, Coach Gregg Popovich hopes the American team will have good models. Thereby, the whole team will strive to complete a 3-peat title at FIBA ​​World Cup 2019, taking place from August 31st.