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The Australian team hopes superstar Ben Simmons help them win at 2019 FIBA World Cup

The Australian team hopes superstar Ben Simmons help them win at 2019 FIBA World Cup

The veteran Australian defender Matthew Dellavedova believes that Ben Simmons' presence will bring them to the team capable of competing at the 2019 FIBA World Cup.

At the basketball content of the 2016 Rio Olympics, the Australian national team received an extremely bitter defeat when it lost in the bronze medal match, taking the fate of leaving the tournament.

When that defeat was not abated, the Australian team was caught up in a scandal that turned the pitch into a ring with the Philippines team in the FIBA World Cup qualifier that took place last year, causing them to lose some important players. However, the Australian team is still entering the finals of the FIBA World Cup 2019 and this year, they will have an extremely quality addition as a defender.

It was Ben Simmons, who joined the Philadelphia 76ers to enter the Eastern semi-final series and only succumbed to the Toronto Raptors champion because of Kawhi Leonard's lucky throw.

Sharing about this extraordinarily important addition, veteran defender Matthew Dellavedova said: "Ben Simmons is an excellent player. Besides the obvious qualities such as breakthrough ability and extreme construction, Simmons brings diversity in play, which will help the Australian team to reach new heights".

In the NBA, Ben Simmons has created many difficulties for his opponents because he is an extremely special combination. With the body and power of a striker, Ben possesses the skill of a talented defender. From there, he always creates mismatches with his partner and causes a chain reaction in disrupting the opponent's defense.

Dellavedova also believes that medal competition is a must-achieve goal with "Boomers" and the Australian recruitment story is not a distant dream.

"The failure in Rio that year made us very miserable because the memory of that match kept coming back. However, it is also the motivation for us to come back strong and with careful preparation, the World Cup king will be the target of Australia at the FIBA World Cup finals here, "former defender of Cleveland Cavaliers added.

In the short term, the Australian team will prepare to concentrate in the next few days. After about 3 weeks of training and team matches, Boomers players will have a series of friendly matches with rivals like Canada and the USA before leaving for China in late August.