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Mascot 2019 FIBA World Cup: Expressing the world of basketball's dream

Mascot 2019 FIBA World Cup: Expressing the world of basketball's dream

The meaning of the 2019 FIBA World Cup mascot in China is expressed through the name itself.

Every child carries a dream in the future. A goal, an aspiration always motivates people every day. It is not an easy journey. Every road is full of obstacles, but with passion and determination, we can make dreams come true.

Son of Dreams is the embodiment of that will and desire. A young and determined spirit, not only able to overcome the physical difficulties, but also the strength and leadership spirit to bring strength to those around them.

The boy was born in China on August 8, 2015. With magic horns on his head, Son of Dreams can foresee the future, envisioning shadows, movements, strategies before they actually happen.

Legend has it that at the time of birth, Son of Dreams was given a shoe by legend Yao Ming. Made from dragon skin, the shoes brought him faster than anyone on the field and helped him overwhelm the regional opponent under the basket. But no matter how strong, Son of Dreams is not a one-man team. He could not walk alone to the top of the world. He needs teammates who share the same direction to achieve what destiny has already set

Before each match, the team of Son of Dreams stood in the ring and shoulder each other. Together they share their dreams. Everyone was given the power to realize the desire to live in the body all this time. 

The shoulders that make up the power of Son of Dreams. They give him peace of mind, energy and concentration. A vision toward the future can turn the wildest dreams into reality.

Son of Dreams became the mascot of the 2019 FIBA World Cup after overcoming two other candidates, QiuQiu and Speed Tiger. Basketball fans around the world voted for this design after reading the boy's meaningful biography.