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2019 FIBA World Cup: The beginning of the dream to challenge football

2019 FIBA World Cup: The beginning of the dream to challenge football

The International Basketball Federation takes solid steps to compete with the FIFA World Cup.

The change of World Championship basketball starts from the name. After decades of known under the name FIBA World Championship, the tournament time is called FIBA World Cup. After the 2014 event, the second FIBA World Cup will kick off this August in China PRC.

If someone forgets the existence of the World Championship basketball, it must be because it has deviated from normal trajectory, taking place up to 5 years after the last tournament in 2014. FIBA World Cup was pushed back 1 year to no longer coincide with the FIFA World Cup, which took place throughout the 60s of the last century.

Honestly, the FIBA World Cup still has a long way to catch up with the football's colleague. To know how far away we are, we just need to look at the nearest tournament in Spain.

That year, Finland basketball team received a special ticket to the tournament even though it was only ranked 39th, lower than Canada, Russia or China PRC basketball team. Nobody understands the reason until Rovio, father of Angry Birds game, advertises for FIBA World Cup. A valuable "contract" has brought Finland to the number one playground in the world.

2019 FIBA World Cup: The beginning of the dream to challenge football

Now everything is in the past. Within 18 months, 80 countries played 12 matches in their area to win the final round. It is completely different from the previous selection stage, based on achievements in continental tournaments.

Resignation first appeared at FIBA World Cup, and that helped them to raise the world championship tournament, at least in terms of size. For the first time in history there were 32 teams attending FIBA World Cup, as much as the biggest football festival on the planet.

Of course, there are still many difficulties. The concentration of the national team lacks many NBA stars. The Slovenia basketball team is the reigning European champion but is forced to miss the FIBA World Cup because stars like Luka Doncic and Goran Dragic cannot leave the NBA in mid-season to qualify.

That is still a luxury for the World Basketball League, but not out of reach. The agreement between FIBA World Cup and the NBA in 1989 changed the whole international playing field, can we see a new lift? Because the number one basketball festival is indispensable for top stars.