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Boston Celtics coach: Why do players not consider FIBA ​​World Cup challenging?

Boston Celtics coach: Why do players not consider FIBA ​​World Cup challenging?

Boston Celtics talent coach Brad Stevens gave his full support to the national team level players, preparing to attend FIBA ​​World Cup 2019.

Wearing the national team and playing in the international arena is the dream of many players. However, paradoxes appear in basketball when many names withdraw from the team to focus more on the NBA.

Seeing this, the talented Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens felt unhappy. Contrary to the movement of some American players, he also supported his students to compete in the international environment.

"I think it is a great honor to play for the national team, always a great honor," said Stevens.

"In the international arena, the game is no longer different from the NBA, especially when our tournament is expanding and ready to change to apply new things. In addition, I still Seeing these are real challenges for players, not only will they play in a season with 30 teams, they will face new challenges, new people around in the dressing room. "

Under the hands of coach Brad Stevens are a lot of players preparing to put on the shirt of the national team at FIBA ​​World Cup.

In addition to the four names that will be participating in the US concentration camp Kemba Walker, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart, the Celtics also "contributed" to the German and French national team with Daniel Theis and Vincent Poirer in turn. .

Not only in the personal aspect, who has taken the Celtics to many consecutive seasons into the Playoffs in the NBA also shared their common goals, which he always applied in Boston Celtics.

"The sacrifice for a higher goal is always very valuable. Many players have accepted to give up their summer holidays to wear the national team jerseys, not just the US. but also many other countries.

At that time, you will accept to give up your ego for 4-6 weeks towards bigger things. That's what I personally do as a coach who always wants to direct my students, so I support them all at FIBA ​​World Cup here".

2019 FIBA World Cup will take place from August 31th to September 15th in China, where the US team will search for the 3rd consecutive championship. If you get a "three-peat" shot, USA national basketball team will default to the next round of basketball content at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.