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Boban Marjanovic: Serbia aims the FIBA World Cup 2019 title

Boban Marjanovic: Serbia aims the FIBA World Cup 2019 title

The NBA giant striker Boban Marjanovic is confident to reach the highest goal with the world runner-up.

Boban Marjanovic stormed the world with a height of up to 2m21 and baskets without a jump. He has played in the NBA since 2015 and is an important member of the Serbian national basketball team, most recently in the European World Cup qualifiers.

The reigning European and World champions own a squad of many talented players. The 30-year-old believes that the battle for 1 in 12 FIBA World Cup matches in China will be fierce.

"I really want to represent my country in China this summer," said Boban Marjanovic. “We have competitive players and I will have to fight to win a place on the 12 players list. This war will be very stressful, because a lot of people have good qualifications ”.

Aleksandar Djordjevic coaches clearly have the most talented and most experienced players since he came to power in 2014. At that time, he led European representatives to create all of this surprise to surpass the FIBA World Cup Final.

According to Boban Marjanovic, the Serbian national basketball team needs to head to the championship, after completing a silver medal hat-trick with the 2016 Olympic runner and the 2017 EuroBasket. "At least we have to go to the semi-finals, then to the finals with the hope of winning the Gold Medal."

“We will go to FIBA World Cup with great expectations. We will go to China to prove once again that we are one of the best teams in the world. Hope all the members will be strong and have a memorable summer” said the former center of 76ers.

In the first round of FIBA World Cup, the Serbian national basketball team will encounter the Italian, Angola and Filipino basketball teams in Group D. One of the two leading positions will help the troop runner-up to reach the next round. according to where they can reunite the Spanish national basketball team.

“This is an interesting tournament. We will be confronted with teams that have never met such as Angola and the Philippines national basketball team. The Serbian national basketball team will not be allowed to be subjective and must play focused in front of every opponent. FIBA World Cup has a lot of surprises, and we don't want to be surprised in a negative way " concluded Boban Marjanovic.