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2019 FIBA ​​World Cup: Full list of 56 official referees

2019 FIBA ​​World Cup: Full list of 56 official referees

FIBA has announced the list of referees on duty at FIBA ​​World Cup 2019, the list includes 56 experienced names.

So the "Kings" on the field at FIBA ​​World Cup 2019 have been identified, 56 referees from 40 leagues around the world will work in China. Referees with the youngest age of 26 and the oldest are 49, all with an average of 9.5 years of FIBA ​​horn handling experience.

The selection of referees to catch matches FIBA ​​World Cup 2019 is conducted extremely carefully. FIBA has been monitoring these 56 referees for the past 2 years. All referees have experience in capturing major tournaments such as: FIBA ​​World Cup qualifier, FIBA ​​Continental Cup or Olympic. In addition there are many referees each operating the NBA.

All referees will fly to Beijing this week. They will have 5 days of training before officially working on August 31th.

Chinese homeowners contribute 2 of the 56 names, in addition to the Asian region, there are also Japanese and Korean referees. The Philippines in particular and Southeast Asia in general only have one name.

Most referees come from Europe and America, where there is a strong basketball movement, and the tournaments take place continuously. Therefore, the referees here have superior experience and are highly appreciated by FIBA.

2019 FIBA ​​World Cup: Full list of 56 official referees