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2019 FIBA World Cup: For the Chinese team, the chance to try out at NBA Summer League is valuable

2019 FIBA World Cup: For the Chinese team, the chance to try out at NBA Summer League is valuable

The Chinese team can lose a lot in NBA Summer League. However, it is not important to the collective that is hoping for the FIBA World Cup strike in 2019 to take place at home in September.

Not only is the place for NBA stars to look for a chance to get first team or have official contracts, this year's NBA Summber League in Las Vegas is also a place for the Chinese team to "forge troops", preparing for FIBA. The World Cup takes place in the world's most populous country starting on August 31th.

They come to NBA Summer League with the goal of rubbing and learning. After a somewhat disappointing start to a 41-point loss against the Miami Heat, things got better for the Chinese team when they still lost, but the gap was reduced to 17 points against Sacramento Kings.

Playing better and better, coach and coach Li Nan finally got success when they played better, more mature to win 82-80 choking against the Hornets.

"FIBA 2019 World Cup will take place in China, so we are under great pressure from many sides. However, I consider it a motivation and we are working hard every day to play better, being more ready for the most important tournament this year", Li Nan told reporters.

"Not only the players but also the coaching members need to be tested for fire. The preparation is extremely important and we are trying to spend this entire NBA Summer League time to become more rigid".

Among Chinese challenges at Summer League, there was an extremely important goal set by coach Li Nan. That is how his players can build a good fighting spirit.

"Here, everything is always very fast, the pace of the game is high and collisions are many. Basketball rules in the NBA are also different, so playing in the Summer League is never easy. However, this is what helps the players the most. Through each game, they will get better acquainted with the harsh competition environment here.

For example, in the first match (losing 41 points against Miami), we were not ready for a high-impact match and beat. By the second match the very next day, we did better before we had our first win on the next pitch".

Many players called by China to Las Vegas this time will become the core of the national team to attend the upcoming FIBA World Cup. The most prominent of these is Guo Ailun when one of the top Chinese defenders has scored 20 points against Kings and 12 points before the Hornets.

Besides Guo, Zhou Qi also made a strong impression when the former Houston Rockets striker kept contributing excellent matches to the Chinese team in the entire Summer League 2019.

In addition, veteran veteran Yi Jianlian and also a player who has played for many years in the NBA will attend the Chinese team at FIBA World Cup here. However, he did not play in the NBA Summer League because the injury is in the process of recovery.

"Everything in the Summer League is very different from what we have to face in China" - Guo Ailun shared -  "From the heat, the competition to the pace of the game, all are real challenges. with us".

Speaking of Summer League, coach Li Nan shared that the level of the tournament this summer could go far beyond what they had to face in the FIBA World Cup group stage.

"These NBA teams are more capable than the teams in the group stage that we will meet. Therefore, the team always tries its best to win. I hope that the confidence of the NBA Summer League players will help them when they enter the official tournament, where they will have to fight against the pressure of the home audience".

In the group stage of FIBA World Cup 2019, China will face Poland, Venezuela and Ivory Coast. According to FIBA rankings, these are opponents that China can beat to step into the second round.

FIBA 2019 World Cup will take place from August 31th to September 15th in China.